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For all the Scott Mitchell haters out there, you can now relish that he is no longer the Team President. For those (like I) who believe that he had one of the hardest jobs in the city over the past few years can wish him well in his new position of CEO of the Team.

Congratulations to Mr. Glen Gibson for becoming the President and COO of one of the most storied teams in professional sports. May you be with us for a long time.

AGREED :thup: :thup:

Agreed, Congratulation to Mr. Mitchell on his new role as CEO and Mr. Gibson as Team President. I hope the changes bring about a new commitment to better continuity and quality control in the team and product on the field not just in the stands and marketing. If the Tiger-Cats can develop this young team into a consistent Winner on the Field you will have no trouble filling the stands in Guelph or in Hamilton next year at Tim Horton's Field!!!

They promoted him ! :lol:

Congrats to both men.....Now please,no more blowing up the coaching,the roster,lets get some stability on this team,give Austin and his staff time to mold this young roster and grow with it.Austin can be our next Lancaster,and lead us back to the promised land and our rightful place as one of the most respected and feared teams in the league once again.We have to stick to the program this time,no panick knee jerk reaction moves like in the past.1999 is to long ago for this organization,we've been stuck in neutral and reverse since,its time to take our spot on the top of the mountain top once again.There is light at the end of the tunnel this time and like before it isn't an oncoming train!!!!
GO CATS GO !!!!! IN AUSTIN WE BELEIVE!!!! :rockin: :cowboy:

So who does Austin report to now?
If he reports to Mitchell, this arrangement is no different than before on the football side. If he reports to Gibson, he will be reporting to someone who has essentially zero executive management experience in professional football.
I do not see where this arrangement is a vast improvement over the previous one as far as the football side is concerned.


"With Glenn running the business side and Kent Austin running the football operations, we believe we have an outstanding structure to lead the way during this exciting era in Tiger-Cats history."

I think that now Scott Mitchell is removed another rung from the football operations so while time will tell if this will be a vast improvement over the football operations, I think it does give Austin more breathing room to make decisions with SM not as close to his side on a daily basis, it would seem to me. CEO's tend to be more removed from daily operations in organizations and not making these sorts of decisions. I don't know what percentage the actual football team is with the entire business of the Tiger-Cats, to be honest.

The people who saw SM as not someone "local" for the team/city in the GM position, should be happier now with Glenn Gibson more in that role.

As long as scott mitchell is still around this organization,it wont be a good thing.....can anyone remember a business person who has alienated as many people in the community as mitchell????...didnt think so!

Yeah, it appears not much has changed.

Looks like a new hiring on the business side under Scott Mitchell and a few titles have changed but essentially it still seems as if Scott Mitchell is still Austin's boss.

Weird structure. In most organizations, the CEO is also the President; usually, the President is the top person. I don't recall seeing a President and COO and another person as the CEO. Do the President/COO and the CEO both report to Mr.Young? To whom does Kent Austin report? If the COO is responsible for the daily operations and football operations, we assume that Kent Austin reports to the President and COO.

It would have made more sense and less confusion if the new President had also been named CEO and Scott Mitchell as Advisor, or something like that, to the Owner.


Alienation or whatever, still same boss to the head coach and Mr Austin, whatever, under Scott Mitchell we and the city of Hamilton is getting a brand new stadium for what some call a "minor league team" and others such as Pasuta say "who cares, Hamilton has the Bills". Pasuta - you lose. :stuck_out_tongue: Wins and another Grey Cup title will come in time.

Nice job Mr. Mitchell really and if you peeved off some or a lot of people doing so, I couldn't give a rats a....e :rockin: I'm with you Scott, I hope they hate you because you done good and people who get the job done are often despised by others. 8)

Richard, do you know what goes on with every organization and business out there? No. I work in health care and the person who runs the joint where I work has a much lower title than the "President" or "Director" or "CEO". :wink: Why does he "run the joint"? For a lot of reasons, one being he gets a lot of grant money.


As usual, you crack me up!!! :rockin:

...for all you Scott Mitchell-haters out there, prepare for disappointment: he just got promoted.
"Glenn has the same role on the business side of the Ticats that Kent does on the football side," said Mitchell, to whom both men report directly.
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Good luck to Glen Gibson.
Now let's hope this team can settle down and get some consistency...and some wins.

Good luck to Glenn Gibson for sure, the more he is successful, the more the Cats should be successful.

Ah Lenny, just fun trying to get under some peoples skin. :wink:

Like a GM who hired a disaster replaces the disaster with himself.

Your the Queen of hijacking threads :cowboy:

anotherdork wrote: Like a GM who hired a disaster replaces the disaster with himself.
Sort of like reinventing oneself, which is actually a compliment come to think of it. Wouldn't mind doing that to myself me thinks. :wink:

Gibson's optimism and professional experience are certainly encouraging, as well as the fact that he is a home town native and resident.
Perhaps Hamilton is finally poised to regain the long forgotten moniker of "the Ambitious City" which fell by the wayside after years of perennial stagnation and neglect.

The task at hand will not be an easy one, especially under constant public scrutiny, although the satisfaction of a job well done will be worth the headaches as the organization reaches further stability and new projects come to fruition.

..and implementing an electronic back massage pad for each seat in the new stadium can't hurt either... :stuck_out_tongue:

all the best and much success to Gibson and Mitchell in their new roles.

[b]"I was around the Ticat organization enough the past couple of years to know that they are high-functioning people, and was able to talk to Bob a lot about his reasons for owning the team. I'm not a sentimental guy but, at the same time, I'm mindful that I've grown up in this city.

"And, in my lifetime, when was I going to have a chance to be involved with the opening of a new stadium, and with the Pan Am Games? I just decided the city was at the point where so many good things were starting to happen that it was an opportunity to take the iconic brand and meld it into what's developing in the city and the precinct area. It can be much more than just a stadium. There's going to be jobs, it's an opportunity for expanding the area."

Gibson envisions the stadium area "as the next Locke Street. I think you are only limited by your imagination. What does 'good' look like? It's seen in the vibrancy of the area."

And, he says, Mitchell's goal of a huge increase in the Ticat business portfolio is attainable.

"This city is in the middle of a renaissance."

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In the middle of a renaissance for sure and at some point I think this city will absorb that city just to the north, well, if we should want to that is. 8)