New Power Turkey Rankings

After this weekend it is clear:

  1. Saskatchewan- Won on the road - are on a roll and won’t be stopped. Best coach in the league!

  2. Winnipeg- got their game together at right time. Could end up hosting playoff semi in the east.

  3. BC- Starting to falter - loss to Calgary- weak effort vs. hamilton. Dickenson and Pierce look like they could go down anytime. Looks like another disappointing finish for the Lions.

  4. Toronto- will go as far a defence takes them. Damon is too old and ricky williams is an NFL not a CFL back.

  5. Montreal- lost most of their last 10 games. downward slide continues. Had a chance to clinch 1st place - instead stunk out the joint at the Big O in front of a ton of loyal fans. They don’t deserve to go further in the playoffs.

  6. Calgary- Pathetic game this weekend. Burris will be inconsistent again when it counts. Bye Bye stamps

  7. Edmonton- playing for pride now. Ray is a good qb.

  8. Hamilton- their 3rd string qb looks like he has potential as a CFL qb. Otherwise, stop the misery and end the season.

The Lions, the only team to clinch 1st in their division, are third? Pass the crack pipe and give me some of what you're smoking.

no bias there at all now is there?

I must be psychic!
I knew Turkey would have SSK first even before I looked!

Hey , I knew that before looking to , but then you seemed to have mistaken these for power rankings which they're not. They're TURKEY rankings , so it makes more sense now , Riders always win in those.

Hey, dont complain the Bombers are 2nd!:stuck_out_tongue:

Turkey, for once I agree. You are bang on!

These are the Turkey Rankings!

Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Hey, THANKSGIVING is over!

Not for the Americans! :wink:

Ya, we need the yankie to send us more cooked turkey, the only kind we have remaining up here is the kind that post about the strangest things...

HaHa Good answer!