New Power Rankings

Probably not as good as Turkey Rankings though :wink:

Yay Lions

Not bad. Maybe the only thing I'd change is Toronto over Winnipeg. They seem to be hotter, winning 5 straight.

If not for Edmonton and Hamilton, Montreal would be at the bottom. 2-5 in the second half of the season with 2 road games left.

How bout them Riders?

Maybe Edmonton will cross over and win the East. If the Riders win they represent the west even though Saskatchewan is farther east than Edmonton. Only in the CFL.

Well its either that or the Esks dont make it at all... I assume you are an Esks fan, so quit complaining.

Simmer down, kids.

Don't like Eskies crossing over to represent the East? Well don't worry, they won't qualify for that. Unfortunately that means that they'll relocate for a year to Baltimore. The CFL Board will then remove the Canadian content requirement on their roster and they can win the Grey Cup that way!

Oh wait, that's been done already!

Only in the CFL!

Toronto didn't sweep Montreal this year, they each won two games against the other. This is all wrong!

Calgary with a healthy Burris should be rated second in the league. Niether BC or SK want to play against a healthy Burris run offence. At least not the way he is playing now at the end of the season.

A healthy Burris is scary.

Lets hope Calgary and Saskatchewan kick the crap out of each other Lionbacker.

Would be nice if they kick the crap out of each other. Don't know who I want the Lions to meet.

Stamps are my 2nd favourite team but I like our rivalry with the Riders. My buddies are Riders fans and we have a blast smack talking whenever the Riders and Lions meet.