New Power Rankings

Ok...I know I'm a sucker for power rankings..but they're like a car have to look! I do agree about the Eskimos

Not bad, though I'd probably put Calgary in 5th and Edmonton in 6th.

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Montreal
  4. BC
  5. Calgary
  6. Edmonton
  7. Toronto
  8. Hamilton

He still doesnt get that Calgary is the more stable club with more team depth than the Eskies. How would yours differ?


I still say, that eventually, ham will be in 5th, or at least 6th.

I think that Calgary should be above Edmonton, and that Hamilton should be above Toronto.

I don't know why for the first one, but I think that Hamilton has been steadily improving while Toronto just keeps running into the ground. Yeah, their record says differently, but just give them a week or so.

I think that the rankings are bang on. Hamilton is last because of 1-6 record, and when you consider that Toronto is missing their #1 QB, without a bona-fide back-up(although Butler may turn to out a legit #2), the Argos will be a much better team when he does come back.

Yeah, but they aren’t now, and I thought that was kind of the point of this thing . . .

you dont rank teams based on records. You rank them based on how good you think they are TODAY. IE, who would beat who TODAY.

IMO, Toronto could beat the Ti-Cats TODAY

that better, why didnt you say so in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe what I said to begin with is true as well.. Toronto is a much better team with Bishop as their QB. I believe the fact that they are without him is a factor in why they are ranked above the Ti-Cats.

The only reason Ive put TO ahead at this point is because they host the Bombers this week. Hamilton has to play Montreal who IMO wins in every facet/category of that matchup.

I believe Winnipeg will prove very tough but with an edge on special teams for the Argos, its going to be an interesting game nonetheless.

I'll say it again...when you read my rankings consider that they depend on where you've been, where you are, and where you are going as a team. We must draw a line somewhere and I draw it at last week, this week, and next week.

If my predictions are right, a Hamilton loss and an outside shot for the Argos puts TO in #7 for this week.


Bombers are going to pound the Boatmen so hard they'll have Prefontaine at QB before it's all over.

I'm surprised my Als aren't ranked above the Lions given that B.C. is winless in three, is reduced to their third-string QB, and is crippled with injuries. Their defense has been very porous over the past few weeks as well. Other than that, I have no real problems with that list. Yes, Hamilton probably deserves better than a last-place ranking, but until they start getting wins, nothing is going to change.

Yes I agree...I dont even pay attention to Emory Hunt...Im sure she/he thinks that those power rankings are accurate. Im not a Montreal fan but I put them ahead of BC for those very reasons.

I wouldnt count out the ball hocking Db's(whom also tackle well), and game changing special teams the Argos posess. The game against Sask proved to me the Argos will bring all they have every week. They might do those Als a big favor. If there is anyone who can stop Blink its an Eiben lead Argo D.