New Power Rankings

  1. BC Pussycats- Somehow find a way to win despite not really playing well offensively.

  2. Saskatchewan Riders- Really are looking dominant. Need to finish off teams early.

  3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Good balance on offence and a decent defence. Class of the east.(west??) Winnipeg is in the west folks!!

  4. Calgary Stumps- On paper clearly a good team. In practise- a qb who just does not get it done in crunch time

  5. Montreal Als- Which Als team will show up is the question.

  6. Edmonton- yikes - a awful start.

  7. Toronto- qb questions are huge.

  8. Hamilton- please win a game.

montreal only has 2 wins this year ( 2-3 ) against the toothless tabbies and one against a very injured argos...

id put them lower than edmonton ( 2-2-1 ), who has beatten a good sask team and a good winnipeg team

Agree with you rankings Turkey.
If the winless pussycats could win next week, my poor Argos may be in trouble of course, until Bishop comes back.

1 BC - undefeated despite major injuries

2 WPG - good balance on offence and D. D has held under 20 points for 3 games in a row and improving each game. only concern is secondary, in which we are missing 3 of our 4 starters due to injury

3 sask - look dominant at times, average others. great D good special teams, average offence. contain joseph and you got em beat

4 - edmonton - two wins against two teams in top three. looking much better that 06

5-7 calgary toronto montreal... niether team has shown me they are better then the other. once TO gets bishop back it may be a different story

8 ticats - have patience hamilton, they are slowly getting better and better... wouldnt doubt that they get theyre first win against the bombers at home next week and improve from that throughout the season... with limited turnovers and one proven reciever, this could be a very good team, playoff contenders IMO

...pretty much agree with you 123 James....especially about the Cats'..i see a lot of improvement on this club....and a tweak here and a tweak there....they'll be in the hunt for a playoff spot....only one concern....I believe Hammer has a good coach...BUT...i think someone should tell Taffe to go see Geroy and Buono about his cholesterol count....he looks a little 'red' faced and i thought he was going to blow his lid at the end of the last Bomber/Cats game,when he had the non-handshake with Berry.....he has to learn to calm down... :lol: :lol:

…The way things are going right now I think Saskatchewan can look forward to their first home playoff game…and the Stamps owe me $100 refund for my pre-paid home playoff tics…

early pick says SASK-WPG game. Has that ever happened.

Winnipeg should be second, not Saskatchewan.

I would die if that happenned! Next to my Riders, the Bombers are my 2nd favorite team lol, but keep that on the DL...

same here jman... i long for a sask winnipeg grey cup

same with me :wink:

It seems we only have this debate after a Rider win, but I'll post my thoughts on what the rankings should be anyways.

  1. BC - Just keep winning, regardless of who gets injured. Defense has been phenominal so far!

  2. Winnipeg - Have yet to play some of the top teams but you can't argue with the results so far.

  3. Saskatchewan - Look real good or real average, but deserve this spot more than anyone else.

  4. Edmonton - Got shellacked but has looked decent enough to be ranked this high.

  5. Montreal - They've been close in most of their games

  6. Calgary - Consistently inconsistent :wink:

  7. Toronto - Looked pretty decent with Bishop in, awful with Allen and McMahon.

  8. Hamilton - Slowly getting better, Lumsden is a beast!

Nice, nice!

Me too man. Sask and Winnipeg 4 life.

Pretty good rankings & reasons!

Good rankings, Dust.

There's no way Calgary and Montreal should be ahead of Edmonton.