New Power Rankings - Turkeystyle!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that Labour Day is done the universe is unfolding as it should. :cowboy: :smiley:

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Dominant win and an ever improving offense and defence has moved them to 1st Place in the West!!!! Durant is humble, patient and learning fast. Watch out for the Riders in the 2nd half of the season.

  2. Calgary Stamps- Impressive win over Esks with balanced running and passing seems to suggest they are heading upwards fast!

  3. Montreal Als- Lost a game they should have won on a very controversial call but the Als should know better than to put themselves in a close game with an inferior team. Still- at 7-2 they deserve some respect.

  4. Hamilton Ti-Cats- Impressive win against the lowly Argos. New found confidence grows each week.

  5. Edmonton Has Beens- Awful, awful performance may suggest they have played over their heads in many games. The Esks were exposed in so many areas today that I don't know where to begin.

  6. B.C. Lions- Much needed win (though very lucky one at that). But, must prove that they can beat more than just the basement dwellers and eastern teams who must travel 5 time zones to play.

  7. Ottawa Roughriders / Renegades- Serioulsy, even though they are not playing right now they must be better than the Argos and Bombers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :lol:

  8. Winnipeg / Toronto- tied for futility. Argos should have changed QB's at the half and the bombers - well everything about their operation is a distraction and an embarrassment. I actually think the Bombers will respond and play well against the Riders next week but if they get swept even the loyal Bomber faithful may give up the ghost! The Argos - yikes- can Western Mustangs replace them for the 2nd half of the season????????? :rockin:

I thought after their showing today you'd rank the Argos over the Riders. Odd...

Right... The Riders move up by beating one if not the weakest team in the league (that you rank dead last) at home while Montreal loses on the road to the Lions who got more help from the Zebras than any team in modern history. I bet not one of the experts will agree with you in their rankings. You sir stir manure. Do you drive pick up trucks and leave gifts for kickers by any chance ?

Are you saying turkey's rankings are biased? That has to be the first time someone has ever tossed that accusation out. :o

He’s amusing, kind of like the chimps that play with themselves at the zoo… Or a guy picking his nose in traffic.

:D :D

Thank-you - I have been called many things in my life but never "...SIR".
Much obliged.

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide
CFL Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

I can't help but smile...LOL!

Well wouldn't blame you for dropping the Esks so far down they looked horrible . But common Turkey you must have been hitting the sauce too early today .
Full props to Hamilton for coming back from being down at the half so they get boasted in my opinion , Sask looked pretty good too but they did play Winterpeg . My Rankings would be .

  1. Mtl - only from a slim margin as they were in a major party town in Vancouver and took the Lions to lightly
  2. Calgary - Totally handed it to my Eskimos looked strong on Offence , and proved to be a good tackiling Team.
  3. Hamilton - proved they do have a legit 1 and 2 punch at Qb plus a real good running game .
  4. Sask - Able to fight through all the Adversity this season full credit too them for that .
  5. Edm - slipped a lot this week looked ok on Offence but Defence looked week on making the Key Tackle.
  6. Winnipeg - showed that the win in BC the week prior was more of a fluke . running game looked weak
  7. BC - Ok we got lucky on a few calls But Jarious looked good tonite , maybe cooled the QB contraversy for a week.
  8. Toronto - still can't hold a lead , looked good in the first half but not sure what happens in the second , this would be my sleeper team if they make the play-offs, as I like Pickett as QB.

Winterpeg ahead of BC???

these rankings make more sense

Since WHEN has ANYONE expected Turkeybend to make sense? My gosh, no one has a sense of humor anymore.

Yes. Tell me why BC should be ahead of them , or did you miss the Game a couple of weeks ago?

I still like Turkey ranking Ottawa ahead of Winnipeg and Toronto! :thup: :thup: :thup:

I object! I'm a Huge Riders fan, yet I totally disagree with this.

Teams performance often fluctuate weekly. But overall the only rankings that count are real points earned. Montreal 14. Calgary - Edmonton - Saskatchewan - Hamilton (all tied with 10). BC 8. Winnipeg 6. Toronto 4. By the way, 3 of 4 BC wins are from 3 of 4 top teams.

I can only laugh... :lol:

...fixed that there for you....

I was there, unfortunately. The reason why I say BC > Winterpeg is I see a lot of potential with the Lions. All Winterpeg has is a RB and their secondary.
Plus we have two QBs who can throw the ball within 5 yards of the intended reciever.

Well, to be fair, Pierce is seeing 10 receivers out there at the moment, so it would be hard not to get either of the balls snapped to him close to one of them. Now if he could only figure out where these extra 2 straps on his helmet are supposed to snap to......

Easy way to fix that. He should do what I do after a few too many beers, walk around with one eye closed! I'm sure that'll work. :smiley: