New Power Rankings are up

I understand the comment about the Tiger-Cats

I would disregard any Power Ranking from a site that claims Winnipeg is the "Defending Grey Cup Champions".

2. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - (4-2-1)

Never count out the will and determination of the defending Grey Cup Champions. But the offense has to get off to a faster start. Big win going into the BYE week.

They probably mean after this year. The parade route is already planned, JaG. Didn't you get the memo?? :wink:

Power rankings don't have any effect on me at all.

I didn't get the memo.

Good thing we're not planning the parade... We would run the route wide.

(Hey, if you can't laugh at your own team, who can you laugh at?)

winnipeg isnt regina, regina started planning it at pre-season.