New Power Rankings are up!

Gooooooooo Stamps!!!!

how are the argos better ranked than the cats?

yea i no the cats are 1-5 and the argos are 2-4

but the argos have lost 3 IN A ROW!

i am not saying the cats should be like in the top five but i definately think they should be 7th with the argos in 8th

Oh. It hurts to see my Esks so low... :frowning: :lol:

And I agree about the Cats. Put them in 7th, and knock the Argos to 8th.

I can't say that Hamilton deserves to be ahead of Toronto until they win a rematch. Ditto for Montreal and Winnipeg. I would still put Winnipeg ahead of Edmonton though, because the Esks are very beat up right now - even more so than Winnipeg.

Sask is my top team right now though.

Who is David Allen? :?


Explains why the poster said he was looking good last week. :stuck_out_tongue:

The obvious answer to why Hamilton would be above Toronto is that the QB duo of Rocky and Mike couldn't beat a high school team.

Power Rankings represent where the teams are now, and right now Hamilton is a much better team then Toronto is.