New potential fan base in USA

Disaffected US conservatives, angered by Rush Limbaugh's exclusion by NFL, are keen to jump to the CFL. Let's welcome these potential new fans:

I enjoyed this comment :twisted: :

And this is bigger than football. This is an effort to destroy conservatism in this country.

If you are pro-NFL, then you're pro liberal.

I never thought I'd say this, but "Thank God for Canada." Not only do they have a REAL conservative ruler, but they actually have a damn good Football league.

The Montreal Alouettes could beat the Vikings or the Broncos any day of the week.

I think we conservatives should just switch our allegiences to the CFL--the Conservative Football League.

Fun fact- The Ticats are the only CFL team to ever beat an NFL team. The win was over the Buffalo Bills.

To be technical, the Buffalo Bills at the time were actually an AFL team.

They could do it again if they played this weekend.


An Argo-Cat fan

I'd rather chew tin foil then deal with conservatives, even when it comes to football. I think IWS has enough grumpy old white guys as is.

All potential political positions are covered. CFL = Communist Football League. :smiley:

If Americans ever accepted the cfl you would see these so called nfl fans in Canada start to fall in love with the cfl again,it's sad but what ever the Americans do we have to follow just so we can be like the American. Don't know when we have a good thing always take someone south of the border to point it out

Hey I pointed it out last wk in one of the threads that the NFL has put a spell on some of the Canadian population. It isn’t that they have better football, they just know how to sell their product better than we do.
I wasn’t aware the Ti-cats beat buffalo. I bet Ralph Wilson would never admit to that fact.
So much for bringing the Bills to Toronto, what a joke!
Please Ralph, go reck someone elses market.

I'm not a fan of the Bill's coming to Toronto because
a) it's much cheaper and much more fun to go to Ralph Wilson stadium
b) we don't host CFL games down there to try and turn heads our way

That being said I am a HUGE Ticats/Bill's/Flame's fan so.....
GO CATS GO!!!!!!
GO FLAMES GO!!!!!!!!!!!
There we go, all better :lol:

Where's Larry Smith? I smell US CFL expansion again. 8)

The Pretty boy NfL owners would never allow expansion in Canada ..Its the American Game its so big in USA its sick...We all see the media coverage ....Blown out of portion is a total understatement
This Toronto thing is just a promise to get cheap rent for the games they are playing there ..
They will bail on a long term deal its all about coming into Canada and taking are Canadian funds cause they can ..
Its a power trip in my books .... lets go into Canada and show them how to fill a dome ... :thdn:
They should never allowed them here in Canada in the first place .I don't think Americans will ever except CFL nope very few, unless they have relatives or some connection with a Canadian club ..

Keep it Canadian !!!! :thup:

We don't need the media coverage the NFL get's but better coverage on local TV and TSN wouldn't hurt...
Local businesses getting involved hanging posters and team colors ..The little things that make you think Ticats during your day in the city or just a visit , and around others city's in the golden horseshoe .... Ancaster ,branford ,st kitts ,grimsby , you no what im getting at ...We need to pound ticat's product locally everywhere ... Flood the market with ticat adds and posters ..EVERYWHERE ....