New poll of popularity in BC.

Basically states that Seahawks are more popular than Whitecaps, but less popular in BC than Lions and Canucks

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Congratulations to the people of Vancouver who know a good thing and will not capitulate to the wannabe US factor like here in the Toronto area.
I am envious.

I'd bet if you took a poll 3 days before the Lions were going to play in the Grey Cup rather than in the off-season, their popularity would even be higher...especially with the Canucks season in full swing, the Whitecaps opening of training camp this week and the Seahawks...haven't heard anything in the news about them?

Don’t give Vancouver too much credit there ArgoT. 47% being excited and planning to closely follow the Super Bowl are pretty big numbers.

And I don’t seem to recall Toronto ever raising Buffalo Bills flags at City Hall when the Bills made four straight Super Bowl appearances.

This the tweet from within the article talking about an event to raise the Seahawks Flag at Vancouver City Hall.

Van Mayor's Office @VanMayorsOffice Follow The #12thMan on 12th Ave: #Vancouver City Hall will raise a #Seahawks flag in support of #Seattle at 10:12am on Friday! #SuperBowl 4:49 PM - 29 Jan 201

I’m OK with that as long as they send the mayor to Seattle to return the flag - and keep him.

Funny media always has these "polls" around the Stuper Snore, but never around the Grey Cup. :roll: :roll:

Agreed, how come they never ask will you not be watching the SB, like a similar poll around the GC?

Huh? If they ask you if you are planning on watching something and your answer is no it means you aren't watching it. If a poll were to ask a question with a negative in the question the results would be all f'd up.

'Do you plan on not watching the Super Bowl'. My answer No. Does that mean no I'm not watching it or no I'm not not watching it - meaning I'm watching it. :roll:

And short memory guys. There was an Angus Reid survey which did ask - are you planning on watching the Grey Cup. Same survey also asked if you preferred the Super Bowl or Grey Cup. That survey was released the week of the Grey Cup that got lots of play in the media - and the results of those even got discussed at length in some threads right here because it showed how so many more young people (under age 34) preferred the Super Bowl compared to the Grey Cup.

[url=] ... will-watch[/url]
The CFL is as popular as ever, according to a poll released Thursday night, but has its work cut out in attracting younger fans.

Asked if they’ll watch Sunday’s Grey Cup, one in four Canadians told the Angus Reid Institute they would, while another 35 per cent said they might.

Slightly more than half of Canadians (53 per cent) said the Grey Cup is an important aspect of Canadian culture and identity.

And asked if they had a league preference, 44 per cent of those who did chose the CFL, while 29 per cent chose the NFL.

But broken down by age, two stories emerged from the poll of 1,504 Canadians (200 of them from B.C.): Two-thirds of those aged 18 to 34, asked if they were allowed to watch only one league’s championship game, chose the Super Bowl; two-thirds of those older than 55 chose the Grey Cup.

Really? Raise a flag for a football team in another city and country? Did they ever raise the Lions flag at city hall?

Canadian are such kiss a$$es.

This is disgusting, close to treason behavior and the man should be fired.

ahh bologna

there is a geographical bond between Vancouver and seattle and as long as the lions season is over and its not NHL playoffs yet, no problem to jump on the seahawks bandwagon like this.

You are just jealous that you be lucky if they would raise a flag for the argos in Toronto if they were in the cup.

well I've lived in Van for years...I certainly do not see these results as valid. The NFL and Seattle Seahawks are just eons ahead of the Lions and CFL as far as popularity. I'd say, at least anecdotally, its 2-1.

I guess that’s just your “slant” on it. :roll:

Yeah, besides the fact that TV ratings say different as well.

The other fact that the Lions get about 30,000 a game and are the highest attended team in the city.

They just had 52,000 for a Grey Cup that BC wasn’t even in.

Yeah they’re just aeons ahead. I see way more Lions stuff around town, and never saw one Seahawks jersey until they won the Super Bowl last year. Lived in Vancouver since 1985 bud.

Just the politicians who want to appear "cool" and "trendy". Massive bandwagon jumping in Vancouver around the Seahawks that was pretty much zero fanfare 2 or 3 weeks earlier.

Yeh, and we know what anecdotal evidence is worth...kinda like asking all the people that agree with you whether they agree with you.

Maybe the NFL ...but hot the Shit hawks as most people referred to them ,until recently.

Ya I just love how the Seahawks were a non entity in Vancouver for the longest time when they stunk, but now that they are a winning franchise, Vancouver’s all about the 12th man all of a sudden. Car flags, jerseys, sports talk show radio, flag at city hall, etc etc. Except I notice that most of those jerseys look like they still might have the store tags on them cause they’re so new. :lol: :roll:

100% agree, i've been a Lions fan for years, and occasionally watch a few Sea-hawks games a year after the CLF season ends.
I enjoy them a more of course now, because Wilson and the team are better quality, but noticed a huge jump in the bandwagon here, by people than never give football a second thought.

The Seahawks might have attracted a few bandwagon jumpers over the past year but those will soon fade away (just like all the Packer devotees who claimed to be lifelong fans after they won the SB). I'll bet the Seahawk's popularity has taken a big dump after their disappointing loss and the disparaging comments against Canadian football made by some Seawack players during SB week. :thdn: