new playoff proposal for 2014

Option 1: Three divisions, plus three wildcards from any division make the playoffs.

Atlantic Division


Central Division


Pacific Division


Option 2:
All 9 teams are in the same division, the top 7 make the playoffs with the best team overall getting a bye.

nope not happening.

what else is out there?

The first one would actually work reasonably well, though if they hope to get a 10th team in anything resembilng the medium term they likely won't be changing the format (only to have to change it back).

A 3 divisions is silly with only 9 teams. Why fix something that isn't broken?? Thankfully this will never happen .

So what is wrong with leaving it as is? Are we afreaid of dipping from 75% of the teams making post season (odd man out rule) to 67%? Even with 10 teams, I see nothing wrong with top 3 per division.

The two teams that are the closest to each other geographically, that have had the longest running rivalry in the league, end up in different divisions? I'm thinking no.

Whether a team is in your division or not you'll be playing them at least twice anyway.

In the same way, the Houston Astros were moved into the American League to even out the teams in each division in MLB.

Why even make a divsion Top 6 move on, 3 don't.

Ultimately that would be my preference. I’m into brackets that seed the entire chart without regards to geography. I’d like to see the overall #1 seed and overall #2 seed bracketed away from each other so it’s possible for them to meet in the championship game.

What makes the CFL what it is is the east vs west format for the championship two sides of the country fighting it out. That was lost in the usa expansion being a Canada vs Usa format which maybe worked in 94, but became old hat very quick in 95. I wouldnt touch the playoff format, in the Us the top two teams in the finals is what is most important especially if the top two are major cities. What makes the CFL special is it hasnt and doesnt work that way, changing it is failure, dont mess with tradition.

and dont trade with a musician

Were is this from who thought this up, is this something you guys are having fun with ?

oh yeahhhh, we having a riot. :lol:

fill welcome to add your own fantasies to the topic :wink:

There is no pain you are receding - like distant ships smoke on the horison :cowboy:

I like the plan, it would create three battles to finish first. For the playoffs, you could take the three division leaders, then the next three best teams as wild cards. This way the league rewards teams that do well. The three wild cards and the weakest division winner would play each other in week one of the playoffs, then those winners would play the best overall teams that would get a bye the first week. The winners then play for the Grey Cup. Best to stick Ottawa in the Central however and leave Toronto and Hamilton in the same division even of not geographically true. True there is the East/West history, but Winnipeg bounces back and forth's a new era for the league, some change is needed in 2014!

3 team divisions is ridiculous and boring. Thankfully it WILL never happen. 5 in the west , 4 in the East and that's is how it's going to be. That is your FACT of the day !

I don't think that's been decided yet. You might have Winnipeg staying in the east for a while.

(Total agreeance from me regarding 3 divisions though).

Traditions and how remarkably well East vs West has worked for decades aside ...

3 divisions of 3 is NOT good math.

Remember all the times that 4 western teams have had better records than 2 or 3 eastern teams in the past. With even smaller divisions you are begging for crappy teams to win a division and decent solid teams to finish last.

Let's take 2014 into consideration already. We would want to keep Hammy and TO in the same div, so Ottawa would most likely be in the central with the Peg and Sask. No one expects Winnipeg to be a powerhouse any time soon. Ottawa, no matter how well run they are will still be an expansion team with growing pains and it is not far fetched at all to say that the Riders could be sub .500. Then look at the West, BC probably still a powerhouse especially how young they are, Calgary very strong and very stable, and not too far fetched to say that Edmonton may be .500 or better.

We could have Sask winning a division with 8ish wins and Edmonton finishing last with 8ish wins. And this phenomenon could be VERY common given that the divisions are so tiny small.

Usually these types of scheduling ideas come from people who just need to see even numbers, all nice and tidy. Usually all the same folks who want Halifax in at all costs so that there can be 10 teams but then say no way to Quebec because they don't want 11. 10 is such a nice even number. Bollocks I say. If there are 9 solid owners and 9 viable stadiums, then 9 teams it is. If there are 11 owners and 11 parks then 11 it is. We can always make the schedule work. Quit worrying about stupid details like nice even pretty divisions. Get over it I say.

^What he said. Nine teams works remarkably well for an 18-game schedule with just enough of a difference (one five-game week) to keep it interesting. If there are more teams and an uneven number of teams, the league will make it work. And I agree, keep it east champ vs west champ, it's been like that for almost 60 years and it's a great format.

Rather than having 3 divisions, why not the league scrap the east-west division format and have the top 6 in the league making the playoffs and two top seeded teams getting first round bye in the playoffs.

The 9-teams league would allow the perfect 18-game schedule, playing all teams two games each, one home and one away for 18 games. Therefore, the balanced schedule will allow for top 6 making the playoffs. 3 or 4 games against the divisional opponent is too much in my opinion. Two games against each teams is enough. I will be more than happy to see east/west division format go away for 2014 season-onward until the league expand 10 teams and we can always re-establish the east and west division format again once this become reality.

The 2-game home and home against all teams for 18 games allows to scrap the division format is the sole reason why I favor the top 6 teams for the playoffs and it would make the regular season more meaningful than if you play 3 or 4 divisional opponent in the season if we keep the division format.

I have noticed that the CFL fans want to keep the division format when Ottawa comes in next season. My question is if the schedule is balanced, then why would you want to keep the divisional format? The number of division in the west and the east would be 5:4 ratio and the playoffs spot is unbalanced. If the CFL fans wants 3 or 4 divisional games, what is your reasoning? If this happens, then you might expect to see one game each against non-division opponent and you may not see that team for the whole season.