new playoff format for CFL not for any other league

I appoligize if this was discussed before
After watching the grey cup game I feel that the west final was the real grey cup
Everyone hates the word crossover and the fact Edmonton had more points yet had to go to Wpg
So why not do it like the rest of the prof. leagues (Nhl,Nfl, Nba)

leave the schedule the same and reward the division leaders with a bye but
rest of the 4 playoff spots up for grabs with most points
I am not a BC fan but I think they deserved a home game with 4th best points.
This year as everyone would know it would have been

Wpg @ Sk 3 vs 6
Ed @ BC 4 vs 5

It may still ended up the same Mtl vs Cal final

What the rest of the CFL fans think

I don't have a problem with the current format.

Get rid of the stupid crossover or the divisions. You can't have both. They try to create division rivalries and yet the Westernmost team in the league could represent the east and vice versa. To me it's silly.

I don't want to see the East West rivalry taken out of the Grey Cup game.

The CFL should have dropped this playoff cross-over practice
when the league went back to four teams in each division.

It was put in when the West had 5 teams.

It was thought a really strong 4th place finisher in the West
deserved to be in the playoffs and would be more competitive.

IMO, there is plenty of parity for 3rd place teams
to be competitive in their respective playoffs

...errrr....most years..that is

who would have thunk the Arrrrggg....ohhhhs
would have gotten so old and so bad so fast?


Also, with playoff hopes fading by September
fan support for the 3rd place teams suffers.

I too hate the Cross over it has to go .
No there reason for it in 8 team league
Ottawa will not be back cause of Problems at Ottawa City Hall.

I couldn't agree more. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Either scrap the divisions or the cross-over.

Why not go back to the time when there was a 2-game total point series in one division if only the top two teams qualified? That way, the third place team in the "bad" division doesn't qualify, but you're still guaranteed the East-West Grey Cup.

I don't like the two game total point.

Neither do I. I honestly see nothing wrong with the current format. For those who don't like the crossover, would you have preferred to see the 4-14 Argos in the playoffs? :?

Besides, a Calgary Edmonton Grey Cup next year in Calgary could be awfully entertaining.....the days leading up to the big game.

Eliminate the crossover??? How unjust would it have been if the Eskies had to stay at home (with their good record) while the Bombers and Argos battled out in the East. SF.???

Lest say for the sake of argument there was no crossover for 2008. That means that the Argos, even though they lost 8 straight games under Matthews, would have qualified for the playoffs only because the Ti-Cats were worse than they were. Meanwhile a team that is 10-8 sits at home and watches. Stuff like this screams bush league, I'm sorry to say. Put the best 6 teams in regardless of division, and that means one division, then so be it.

I say get rid of the two divisions and have a "canada conference" still have the geographical rivalries (which is what the labour days are anyway). This way you would have the Al's in 6 of the last 9 grey cups. They've had good teams but if you put the stamps or lions over in the east....they wouldn't ahve made that many.

The top 6 make the playoffs....1 and 2 get buys (like the respective 1st place teams now), 3 gets a home game against 6 and 4 gets it against 5. How ever the lowest seed that wins the semi final plays the first place team. Not only will this get rid of the much loved crossover but u'd also wouldn't be playing the same 2 teams every year in the playoffs.

it does make sense we cant have have both (cross over and divisions)
we could run into a senerio of bc representing the east division in the grey cup
i guess in a perfect world we could add 2 more teams for a total of 10 then evryone would play each other twice hence having 9 home 9 away games then go with top 2 teams get bye and the remaining 3-6 spots first round playoffs
too bad Ottawa has been unsuccessful + get a maritime team

The crossover makes the most sense,you can't have teams with 4 wins making the playoffs. Hamilton and Toronto should get their act together,then nobody will have to worry about it. You can't have a wild card system because the schedule is unbalanced, MTL. gets to play TOR. and HAM A combined 7 times, where as EDM gets CGY. AND BC. the same amount. It's the fairest way.

I think the crossover is the best option at this stage if people want to maintain 6 teams in the post-season. The only other option is to just have an East Final and a West Final with the top two teams from each Division. This might at least make it less likely for teams with losing records still featuring in the playoffs. Obviously the downside would be fewer post-season games. The CFL really needs 5 teams in each division so that 6 teams in the playoffs doesnt seem excessive.

the funny thing is, after one year of a week division, all the west fans want to get rid of DIVISIONS? wow you rider fans who acctually think this is a good idea are on crack, if you play in one division we will start talking about how it is unfair that one team has to play one other team an X number of times.

The East has been the weaker sister for the last 30 years. Discounting 1995, the last 30 greycups . 20 WEST 10 EAST . Wpg won 2 of those as members of the East. The head to head record is also very lopsided in the west's favour.

The East / West division thing may have worked before air travel, but it just does not make sense anymore. All the CFL teams should be grouped all together in one division. Everybody plays each other once at home and once on the road. Eight teams make the playoffs(once Ottawa and Quebec are in the CFL) 1st plays 8th, 2nd plays 7th, 3rd plays 6th, and 4th plays 5th. etc.

Who needs one division to complain about that? If you take Sask for an example they have to play BC, Calgary and Edmonton whose combined records for last year was 36-18... Winnipeg on the other hand played teams (Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton) with a combined record of 18-36... who do you think had the tougher schedule? If you take Montreal's record, Winnipeg played teams with only 7 wins between them. Which division would I want to play in? Guess!

snowdencurt not a bad plan at all :slight_smile: .as for the other dude …good news in the east ottowa is geting a team again…waste of time i think but what the heck give some players a job lol

esks grey cup champs in 2009 / 2010 :slight_smile:

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