New Players

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Saturday the football club has added five international free agents to the team’s practice roster in accordance with the Canadian Football League’s practice roster expansion guidelines. The players signed include linebacker D.J. May, wide receivers Shakeir Ryan and Bralon Addison, offensive lineman Kelvin Palmer and quarterback DeVante Kincade.

So far in my opinion, the Defensive Ends have not produced enough hurry’sor sacks. Very suprised there is no DElisted to challenge the group we have. J. Westerman has not produced anything to speak of. Are we waiting for the NFL cuts or are they satisfied with their current line play?

Westerman and Capicciotti split time at one of the end spots and both count as “Nationals”, so they’re not getting replaced unless the Cats decide to reshuffle the ratio (or find a better “National”).

An incoming “International” DE would be a threat to Tracy or Howsare, not to Westerman or Capicciotti.

De’Vante Kincade?

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Watching what video’s available on youtube, Kincade looks very similar to MTL’s current flavour QB Pipkin – strong arm, fast, mobile, elusive. I was surprised to see his name among today’s new TiCats as I was under the impression he was on MTL’s neg list. If he’s anywhere near as good with the playbook as he appears to be with the ball, he could be a great addition.

When a pro football team signs a QB it’s seen as newsworthy by the local media of the city that hosts said team.
But this is Hamilton, so …

Not exactly signing Kincaide from some NFL team’s final cuts. He was a Maine Mammoth of the NAL.

I fully understand Westerman and Capicciotti are Canadian. Tracy and Howsare have been invisible.

While the D line has not produced a ton of sacks I think they have created pressure on opposing qb’s