New playbooks

Interesting article from Herb on the coaches convening in Carolina:

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“I want to be as consistent defensively as we were in the Grey Cup,? Trestman explained. “That’s who I thought we could be - a team that played smart, was great against the pass, could stop the run and be disciplined. The challenge is to become that again.

Certainly sounds like Trestman wants the D to be better in the regular season this year.

What do you guys want to see offensively and defensively in the playbook?

I liked this other quote from Trestman:

“And I was excited how we played offensively. We played a game that enabled us to take care of the ball, effectively run it and maintain possession. We showed we could play a lot of different ways and have success.?

Like we all have clamored for in the past, I would like to see a little bit of a better pass/run balance, keeping in mind Trestman will always maintain a pass first West Coast offence.

Keeping defences honest might make up for the loss of Avon as a protector.

And I think Bernard and even Cobb have more breakaway ability than Avon had. I am not taking away what Avon brought to the table but he was not a breakaway threat.

It would be interesting to see a comparative study of plays of 25 yards or more from Cobourne, Bernard, Cobb.

It is hard to be consitantly good in the CFL and a lot of that has to do with the small roster size and ratio. When you lose people to injury it really hits a team hard. I think we've done well the last 3 years because the guys worked really hard to stay united as a team, especialy in the secondary, Sanchez brought a culture of family that was still being cultivated last year. Most units on the Als have a rotation component and leaders who aren't affraid to help their younger teammates instead of putting their own security ahead. Very special group we have there and the core is still there, Anwar, AC, Flory, Emry, Boulay, Cox, Watkins...

I hope they are spending time on special teams, that has been probably the area where we've been neglecting a bit for a bunch of understandable reasons but we need to improve there the most IMO.