New Pictures of Grey Cup Festival in Edmonton!

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now, it's bloody cold out! :oops:

things are lookin good! it's amazing how fast they made this area look like the Festival!

What exactly amazes you? I see a few tents, some scaffolding... what am I missing or did you forget some pictures?

As a Hamilton fan who's team hasn't hosted a Grey Cup in 15 years, I can see that you don't appreciate all the hard work it takes to build a Grey Cup Village for the fans.

Wow I can't believe my eyes, I've seen some amazing things but that takes my breath away. I can die a happy man now, thanks.

well heck, they're not done yet. Today they were putting the banners that say Grey Cup 2010 hot to Huddle up everywhere and finalizing set ups. it's looking more and more like it will at the end.

I feel sorry for those guys out there, setting up in this extreme cold.