New Penalties For Quarterback Hunting?

Am I the only one who was upset by the Stampeders deliberate and illegal attack on Buck Pierce?
There should be penalties…fines…disqualifications…for such a deliberate attempt at targeting an opposing quarterback.
After all…is a 15 yard penalty any kind of a deterrent when you can eliminate a Buck Pierce…play against an unproven rookie and win the game?

What kind of precedent is being set here?
And who’s next?
Ricky Ray?
Anthony Calvillo?

The league has to seriously look at this and make an example
I’m an Alouettes fan…through and through
My team is looking at sole possession of 1st place because of Calgary’s dubious dealings
But I can’t help being appalled at what I saw
And the implications for the whole league.

It's not such a stretch
In the NHL late hits...blind side hits...head shots...result in fines...suspensions
Even police attention

It's not easy to prove intent to injure
But when there's a clear strategy of hitting the quarterback
Clearly late
When he's vulnerable...after a throw
The league should be called in
To evaluate and if necessary
Take disciplinary action

Against a player
Or even against the team responsible

I don't think you need to enforce new penalties, there are existing penalties that can work just as well. As much as that one hit was late, I don't think it warranted being ejected. He didn't lead with his helmet and he didn't drive him into the ground. It certainly was VERY late, however it wasn't that malicious.

It was late and it took him out of the game
It was also the second such penalty in the game
Which suggests a deliberate strategy

In a quarterback driven league
Teams can ill afford to lose their starters
While opposing teams are hardly dissuaded from such practices
When the risk/reward is so ridiculously low

Who can tell what kind of hit
Will disable a quarterback?
Calvillo's sternum injury
Was caused by a football...after all

When you're in a vulnerable position
And are not expecting to be hit
Anything can happen

It's for this reason Rome was suspended for the late hit on Horton in the Stanley Cup playoffs
And it's not too much to expect that the CFL take the same measures to protect
It's most valuable resource

the second late hit penalty wasnt even justified. The calgary player could not avoid the contact and made no extra move to intentionally cause injury.

I think we are thinking of different hits. The one really late hit by Calgary #31 was in the 1st quarter, and Buck pierce was definitely not hurt on that play. He was hurt on the 2nd penalty which was a little bit late but the defender did let up and it was more of an awkward thing than a malicious thing.

Agreed. It wasn’t like the hit on Glenn a few years ago by that guy from Edmonton. That was one of the worst late hits I’ve seen and should have been a long suspension. But any hits, late or not add up on a QB. When you have a QB with an injury history like Buck it’s just a matter of time.

The rules in place as enforced are sufficient just as are most criminal laws in place analogously. When the rules in place are not enforced effectively and consistently, and to compensate the politicians and all their screaming minions and zombies want more rules to protect certain interests, NOTHING good comes out of those efforts without still a lack of effective and consistent enforcement.

This is not a road for football or even society to go down any further.

The right road to go down would be to shore up the officiating further, but of course that's the harder choice because then there would be a tacit admission that something is wrong now. :roll:

Well yes obviously I say -- so fix that don't ruin football as they almost did in the NFL with not only such additional rules to protect the QB but also in turn yet again inconsistent enforcement of even the new rules! :x

Don't do it Canada as tempting as it may sound. Get on Cohon, the league, and the case of the ref's first.

It will be policed on the field. The Bombers were guilty of a couple late hits also, coincidently. If you are going to do it to our QB, be prepared for it to happen to yours.

Going against an injury prone QB and taking two late hit penalties in the first 18 minutes of the game did strike me as suspicious, but I didn't notice the hit on the second one and haven't seen a replay yet. If it was as late as the other one, then I'd agree, but from the sounds of it it was more unfortunate circumstance than any ill intent, in which case I don't think you can say Calgary went out to hurt Buck - at least not outside the rules.


I agree... and to a certain extent, you want to hurt your opponent. No player wants to cause a career ending injury, but if the guy across from you is a little dinged up, sore or hears footsteps, then your job is easier.

I really like Buck Pierce. Most QB's with his injury history would have happy feet and hear footsteps. But not him... unfortunately that courage will probably mean he has a pretty short career.

If you put Calvillo's head on Michael Bishops' body and added Buck's heart... now that would be a QB!

There was only one really late hit, and it came from a guy playing his first professional game.
(D. Morley)

To think there was any kind of game plan to knock Buck out is ridiculous.

…Certainly looked suspicious…I thought Hufnagel was a true professional…maybe i’m wrong…I hope this doesn’t get out of hand…but if a team is taking liberties on your qb…the knife can cut both ways…I noticed that Willis got flagged for a similar infraction on Burris and LaPolice sat him out for one play…I didn’t see anything like that coming from the stamps bench…Like i said i hope it doesn’t escalate…The Bombers might not be the only one missing their starter :wink:

Oh don't worry! I'm sure the CFL TRUELY cares about the health of their players and will justly punish those who are out to deliberately hurt other players. I'm also just as sure that the CFLPA won't stand up and defend dirty players.

No, my post isn't sarcastic. No, not at all. Not even a little. Srsly.

What about Angelo Mosca's hit on Willie Flemming, since we're bringing up past history. Maybe we should stick to this year rather than dredging up past sore spots.

hey about the career ending hit by Rollie Miles (dirty esk.) on another qb. great for the Bombers Jim Van Pelt....Some people have long memories when it comes to certain actions by some players.....But have to let it go and hope it doesn't happen again...AND i hope the league is doing everything in its power to prevent such crap. :roll:

Seeing as how Van Pelt's carreer ended when he was drafted not because of injury and Rollie Miles is generally considered one of the greatest and classiest players in CFL history, this piece of revisionist history can now be tossed in the can.

I missed the first half of the game but of what I seen of the highlights (or low lights) I agree with you always seemed they were trying to go high on Buck almost at his head, but thats to be expected from the Stamps.