New PanAm stadium.

Anyone seen any of the plans for the Ivor Wynne reconstruction?
I had to step in here to fix the title to this thread in order to be very clear: We (the City, the Province, and the Feds, and the Ticats) are not "upgrading" anything. The commitment is to build a brand new stadium on the site of the old Ivor Wynne.

Why start a new thread? we already have a stadium thread going and it's been mentioned there.
No plan yet just a rough drawing "concept"

With all respect who wants to look threw 662 pages to find out a question! About time a new thread started as most of the crap on the other thread is just that crap that never happened! :rockin:
So thank you clx1407 :thup:

Because everyone wants to see us hit page number 1000. I plan to see if I can take before, during demo, during construction and after pics.

Well I think you will get your chance because we will be playing at IVOR WYNNE during the construction :wink:

They will be doing section by section and really I doubt we will miss more than a couple of games (alternate site like London) or perhaps another Moncton / Halifax Atlantic type game.

Some people may have to move to another area while they do the construction, but I'm told we are playing at Balsam Ave for the most part.

I agree, that perhaps it is a good time to start a new thread. I am not sure I have come across many threads longer, than the coolcanucks 1500+ page thread with the answers for Q107's ClubQ questions. :slight_smile:

Since the topic is now brought up with regards to new/existing stadium threads, I would discuss the possibly of thinking a little differently, about we manage the progress of not only the stadium upgrade, but the planning of the stadium district in general.

I started this tab on the Save Ivor Wynne Stadium site (, awhile back with an attempt to look at everything that we could possibly discuss where this project is concerned. Mainly, it is what I wanted to talk about but as I said in this piece on RTH, I want the Stadium Committee to engage us and for us all to have input into the planning of this community stadium. It musn't be the choices of a select few. ... _community

On two occasions, one being immediately following the official approval of the Ivor Wynne proposal at the end of January outside of council chambers, and once over the phone very recently, I was told that the intention was to involve myself in this stadium build process. I hope their hands will extend further into the community in what I invision as being a citizen committee that works with the City and the Cats, and Pan Am organizers, as liasons between those in charge, and the populous as a whole. I have also stated this desire in an email I sent to the Stadium committee. Will it happen? How much will I be able to be involved? If I am engaged, what role will I play?

I am not sure what my involvement will be or how much of a sway my voice will carry but even though I do have visions of my own and I am sure Bob Young, Bernie Morelli, et al have their own visions, I hope that my role can be to pass on the ideas that others have, so that as many voices as humanly possible, can be heard. Ivor Wynne will never be 'saved'. We will always have to fight for it and stand up for it and to make sure things like highway signs signifying that we have a football stadium in our city, are errected. This stadium other than maintenance and neccesities and a scoreboard placed upon the arrival of Caretaker, has basically been the way it is now for 40 years.

When you care about something, you advertise it. Sell it, and take care of it. Until Bob came along, Ivor Wynne didn't look like something people cared a rats behind about. That is going to change and as fans and citizens of this city, I think we now know that we need to voice our concerns and stand up for what we believe in and cherish, when people say things we hold in high regard are a dump or are no longer sustainable. You folks within the four corners of my computer monitor more importantly, know football and stadiums and what works and what doesn't. The things a stadium needs to have, what are nice to haves, and what traditions and features should not be jeopardized.

So with the mods and your support, I would like to see a new thread started titled The Stadium District or something to that effect. I would like to see, but this is open for discussion with regards to how we manage this, numbered points of discussion like I have on the tab of a similar name on my site, with point form notes under it with ideas, concerns, questions, and links to facts and images related to those points. The first entry in the new thread needs to be able to be edited often by mods and perhaps even guests mods who only have access to update certain threads. I wouldn't mind having access to that as well, but I'll leave that up to those who have been moderating and involved in forums for much longer than I, to decide what's best.

Underneath that first comment of course, will hopefully be another 600+ pages of input, but points and comments and such from those posts, will be moved up to the original post in short form. I am not sure if this forum allows a hyperlink to a specific comment/tabs (otherwise this might not be the best place to manage this thread), but that would be very useful so that readers can see where the ideas come from and it allows followers of this thread to read the entire original comment if they choose, rather than just a few words or a couple of lines of text that is summarized on the main post.

Once this is set up, let's advertise this space. Let The Spec, RTH, and perhaps other blogs and forums across the league that are interested in following this stadium process, know where they can go to find more about the million dollar question I see or hear asked all too often "what is the news on the stadium build/district?"

I'd love to know your thoughts/ideas, on how best to manage this information all in one place. I wouldn't mind it living on the SIWS site but although I can get around most computer related problems (especially Word Press now), it's time consuming when it's not your expertise and if someone can manage this data specifically more efficiently, than I need to open up the floor for anyone who has an idea / better solution than what I have on my site currently.

I will say, that I also have thought of opening this up to RTH as well as just the way their site is set up with vote ups/downs, permalinks, context, nested and flat views, having this tracked in article form might even be more efficient with the tools that would be available on that site.

Thoughts? For me, it's just that 662 pages is a lot to go through and hard to find what you are looking for. Even harder if you don't know what you are looking for or what you might have the opportunity to look for, if the data was indexed somehow.

I'll post that email to the stadium committee very shortly as I stated on another thread post.

:) The original stadium talks thread should be saved/archived if nothing else so we don't lose that. Even chronicled becuase I think it's an important part of where we are today and even more so, where we will be in 2014.

This could be another benefit to the new thread idea. Posts like this would live in the 'comments' section, until a source confirms the validity of the statement. Where we will play has been a hot topic in here. I am not sure why things are so quiet or why there hasn't been at least some sort of offical "hey, we are pondering this and that but are no further ahead to date, as to where we will play in 2013" kind of statement.

Great read Larry. :thup: .As usual. I like where you say not many people cared about I WS before BY came along, made people take notice. And points to the bigger issue of creating a mindset.of 'district'. This is very important to anyone who cares about this city in any respect.

Thank you very much Earl and while I am responding to this (and my appologies for not extending recognition early), but thank you to everyone whose kind words I have stumbled upon in my fourm travels as of late. I truly appreciate the sentiments.

We all have busy lives and families of our own. Although being an engaged citizen can be very rewarding, if time is not managed properly it can put a strain on any relationship. This was certainly true at times during my fight. Much of it wasn't even as much about the stadium itself but rather the act of fighting for something you believe in in general. That and being involved in your community can be almost addictive - especially when people reach out to you in forums or emails, expressing their appreciation for what you are fighting for. Or when someone writes an article about you. Nothing gives you the strength to keep up the good fight, than that kind of recognition.

So although I want to be engaged, unless the Cats or the City want to create a position for the community liason for the Stadium District committee, and that position was offered to me, this is volunteer time of which I must manage better because I want to inspire my children to be involved when they get older- not for them to look back at this as something that takes away from valuable family time. Ultimately, anything I can involve them in with regards to community involvement, is even better. So I must decide how much time is 'healthy' time, to set aside for being involved in this project.

That's why we need as many people engaged as possible. Being engaged can be something as little as a comment on a thread, a letter to the edior, a phone call to your councillor, writing an article of your own, or picking something from the list of topics related to the stadium district, and become a leader in that debate/project.

I believe there is something in all of us that will spark our involvement at one point of our lives or another. Some people start not-for profits or get involved in countless other ways to help raise money and awareness when someone they love is stricken with a deadly or rare dissease Some start community organizations to help pets in need because they love animals so deeply and can't stand to stand by and watch these beautiful creatures live the horrible existance society too often places them in. Some people will drop their lives to support their special need children and their good deeds may only ever be known to their child and family. ie. parents with children that have low functioning autism or other even more debilitating diseases.

Being invovled with a stadium might not be that 'thing' for you, but involvement in something as seemingly non-important as a big steel structure that houses a professional sports franchise, may go a long way in helping you learn about being engaged and fighting and standing up for something, and this involement might just help you be that much better when it comes time to fighting for something that hits a little closer to home. Like the closure of a program that is vital to your ability to provide the support that your child needs. Actually, that is why you see Parkview in there in the list of bullets to discuss on the Stadium District tab on my site. For me, it is a very important social aspect of the stadium district that I think deserves some very serious debate.

As well, here is a link to the meeting minutes from the first meeting of the Stadium sub-committee.

Thanks to an RTH contributer for sharing this.

In it, how the community will be engaged is touched upon.


I have to give you credit. We all thought you were nuts at first a year or more ago when you came forward with the rebuild IWS campaign. In the end you were 100% right.

I really like the plans for the new layout. Will be interesting to see the type of seats they use.

Thanks Zen. Anything will be better than benches one would think. It saddens me to think of no more endzones, but I do understand the reasoning re: the ability to put tempoary seating there for Grey Cups. Wouldn't it be nice if we could rap around the north and south bowls to almost touch the videoboard, to still be able to offer some sort of endzone view. It has always been one of the funnest, wildest experiences at IWS.

I am not sure if we will have much input into the stadim design itself, but this is one of the things I would love to not lose somehow?? Beggers can't be choosers, but if they don't know how much something means to us, perhaps 'they' will just assume we are happy with the major upgrades and whatever is the result, can only be better than what we have now.

All we can do is list those things we love about the old girl now, and perhaps they will see how they can somehow preserve those aspects of IWS as it now stands, versus how it will look when the renos are completed.

You guys ever watch BC games at Empire Field? Man I can't imagine the view from BC Place ever being as sweet as the view from Empire. Like the various views of Hamilton from IWS. One of the other things I hope, is that the increase from 31ft to 41ft on the southside, doesn't take away from the beautiful north stands view of the escarpment. I could stare at that all summer. :slight_smile:

I have been to a few games at Empire Field. It has a very tin feel to it but the sight lines are decent. I will be there next week when the Ticats play here.

BC Place is actually a great place to watch a game. Unlike Rogers or the Big O it was never built to host baseball games so it doesn't have the massive sidelines for football that put even the front row a mile back. It's not quite as big inside as those others so it's more intimate.

Once the new roof is done in about 6-7 weeks the place it going to look amazing inside and out. I went past it yesterday on the skytrain and it looks like almost all the structural frame for the retractable roof is done. They pretty much just need to lay the roof material which I think is kevlar like most domes. Thats what bullet proof vests are made of.

I agree...I've been there too. BC place was/is and will be a Great Stadium for watching football particularly when compared to Skydome.

I hope the new stadium includes some end zone seating and that the stadium has a closed-in feel without open ends. Whether this comes in the form of two grandstands, end zone seats and an opposite end zone plaza or a completely enclosed bowl or some combination thereof I don't care. I would like to see the era of open ended, wind-swept CFL stadia come to an end.

Hopefully the exterior features of IWS2 and the stadium district will include lots of greenery, open spaces and such. I hope its an inviting public space where people can tail-gate pre-game and might picnic, kick a ball around or walk about on non-game days.

Coudn't agree more with everything you stated Joe. Hopefully what we now enjoy with regards to tailgating and kicking a ball around Scott Park field right now, will be caried forward. If you have ever tailgated on the cemented area across from Skydome, you know that Hamilton is lucky to be able to offer a great Tailgating experience.

Another side note, this Tweet is from Mark Masters of the National Post:

Spoke w/ #Ticats pres Scott Mitchell today re: stadium; don't expect news on 2013 home games until January #CFL #HamOnt
Two things:
  1. I think it's still great to take all the ideas I have seen thrown around on here, and put them in point form notes that link to the original context of the ideas. Never hurts tossing around thoughts. Hopefully the Cats if nothing else, browse through those thoughts in their pursuit of the best case scenerio during their year of displacement. As one poster said on this forum, they go watch them at the city dump in exchange for a newly refurbished stadium the year afteards.

  2. Put that statement at the top of this post on the top line of the 'Where will we play' bullet, so at least everyone knows that that is where we currently stand on this one issue. I personally am happy to at least have some sort of date estimation. We are in the thick of the season with lots of other football issues to deal with and how 'where will we play' fits into stadium and district planning, is something the team needs to worry about when they are ready to sit down and address it.

Nothing wrong with us wondering, and nothing wrong with it not being their first priority right now.

Yes, yes, yes! Agree whole heartedley with everything joedavtav say here!

zen: I don't. There are no end zone seats. All they need is what's there now at the east end.
I still can't figure out why they would want to create a wind tunnel and take away the cheap seats for the fans.