New Pan Am/Ticat Stadium-Bob please read.

I am in support of a new (multi-purpose) stadium in Hamilton, with one stipulation.

Keep the sight lines of Ivor Wynne. The same gradient to the stands and the front rows being the same distance and height from the field.

How could they do this. Simple retractable seating for the first 20 front rows.

Build a stadium with 25000 capacity for the Pam Am events, state of the art and the whole bit with retractable bleachers the can pull out over the track for football and soccer games, concerts, supercross, monster truck shows and whatever multi-purposes they can think of.

It could be done. The initial plans for the TFC stadium were for the north stands, holding around 5000 spectators, to role back to accommodate a CFL field.

I'm sure they can engineer retractable seats that will have seat backs and cup holders, including proper drainage to protect the track underneath and players benches for that matter giving close to the same intimacy IWS has now.

This would make a 25000 seat stadium for the Pan Am's and 30 to 35000 for football.

The pros, retractable seats bring whole new dimension to the potential uses of the stadium, fans remain closer to the game, extra space under the retractables can feature portable concessions or private group areas and dug outs can be accommodated like they presently have in IWS.

Granted those watching the track events will be 20 feet above the track but that gives them a complete view of the track, and yes football fans get the better deal because those watching football will only be 6 feet and close to the field but I think it's a good trade off giving that long term tenant is the Ticats.

The if Pheonix and Dallas can roll their entire field in and out of their stadium, we can role our stands back and forth for

I like it. Why not really? The biggest problem I see with this is getting the Pan-Am Games to come here. Hamilton doesn't seem able to win any of these bids.

But an excellent idea for sure.

That would be freakin sweet. I don't see why the couldn't have the retractable seats, alot of Hockey arenas have that option. I know when Edmonton hosts the Canadian finals rodeo they take out some of the seats in the building in the first rows. Too bad somebody didn't think of that when the built Commonwealth.

By the look of this picture you're not going to have to worry about a race track around the feild, cause I'm not seeing one here.

I was going by the photo of the new stadium in europe they were using as an example of what they could build.

The photo provided doesn't have at track and great sight lines. It looks very cool!

If they do build a stadium, just do it right, remember the history, while bringing in the innovation enabling for a great game environment.


Thats a Commonwealth-sized stadium. Very nice look if the Hamilton designers used that stadium as inspiration, but they'd probably scale down the dimensions somewhat.

I think I read someplace it would be a 30,000 seat stadium. I don't think Hamilton need anything more than that really. Commonwealth has 62,000 and most of the time is gets half that for a game. By the looks of that rendering if they need more seats they could put temporary bleachers in the endzones for Grey Cups and other large events.

Thats a good idea with the retractable seats Jare, they do this at the rogers center switching between baseball and football, although i don't think their moving that many seats. If they do build this stadium, somewhere in the 35- 40, 000 range would be good. When this team is bad, we often fill the 30, 000 seats we have now. If we finally have a good team i think we can easily fill 40, 000 as well. That would probably lead to more affordable seating as well. Also if your going to roll the seats out after the pan-am games are done, you might as well put a bleacher in an endzone or something. Now let's go golden horse shoe and win this bid for the Pan-Am games.

Why attention Bob? Bob just rents Ivor Wynne from the city.

Some good ideas about stadiums and seating but it always comes down to the same thing who is going to pay for it!!!

This whole Pan Am games thing is not about Hamilton but a bid by the whole Rusty Horseshoe area. Don't count on governments/taxpayers to build this thing in Hamilton.

Something like this would be great for the city and entire area but I really have my doubts this is doable financially in these times of recession with high gas prices and that. Pipe dream, nice dream but pipe I think. The good times are over me thinks. :frowning:

re retain Ivor Wynne seating sight lines.

Use the retractable seating to allow for a track but also use a cantilever (and elevated) design so the seats can be moved as close to the field as at Ivor Wynne but have them "floating" towards and above the field so there is no wall for players to hit.

Seats could be same distance from the sidelines but perhaps 7'-8' up from the surface so that normal plays that run out of bounds would not run into any obstructions (ie, solid walls).

Front row seating now is probably about 6'-7' from the surface so 7'-8' elevations would not be too different.


SL - sidelines
PL - player
OOOOO - retractable seats
****** - field
TTTTTT - track
(tried using spaces instead of dashes but spaces do not register)

Don't laugh... I'm no architect/engineer :slight_smile:


I'm no architect/engineer

Gee, I would have never guess longtime. :wink:

Hey, just kidding man, super effort! :thup:

I read some where the plan is indeed to have retractable seating. It's too bad nobody thought of that for Commonwealth Stadium, although that could probably still be doable if they dug it out and lowered the field a bit. they could then continue the seating right to the field.

Dig it even lower than it is now?
They might strike oil. 8)

IWS FOREVER New Stadium have no Character

John Kernaghan of The Spec's report on the Pan-Am bid and what kind of stadium should be built if a new one is needed.

Oski Wee Wee,

Thanks Onknight we need a new stadium that stadium repersent every thing that hamilton is. I love iws it where i don't think do some up date but don't loose the character or the sight. But on a side note if you can't do something about a stadium will we loose the team. I don't know what i would do with out them.

As long as taxpayers dont foot the bill I am all for a nice new stadium.

No way we lose the Team
Where are going to play ?
There are no Major Stadium that fit 28,000 plus
25,000 is the Bare min for a CFL Stadium.
this is not one Anywhere in Ontario that fit this bill.

Ottawa has a Team now that was only place
So Unless Bob Moves State side.. There not going any where.

I dare them move Call my Bluff...
IWS Just needs a Major Retro Fit
They already Sunk Millons in Keeping it going.
new Stair Wells
also other Things The team has done like the Score board.

IWS is Fine Just Fix her up and stay another 30 years

I don't think the stands over the track would need to be retractable. I remember going to the old Kingdome to see the Mariners and the extra seating to convert to football configuration for the Seahawks games was in the parking lot on wheels. That's probably a lot cheaper than retractable. They must have been towed into the stadium and pushed into place.

And Commonwealth in Edmonton only really needs the track once a decade, the CWG in 1978, Universiade in 1981 and the World Track and Fields in 2001. I can't imagine a stadium in Hamilton or anywhere else in Canada would need a track any more often than that either.