New Ownership Structure

For those who are not STHolders of either the Ticats or Forge….just announced
Dear Ticats Fan,

Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Forge FC and “Caretaker” Bob Young Announce New Ownership Structure

Young welcomes iconic Hamilton business Stelco to an expanded ownership group along with sports executives Scott Mitchell and Jim Lawson

Hamilton, ON (January 2, 2022) – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Forge FC announced today a new ownership structure with the creation of Hamilton Sports Group (HSG) . The new entity will own and operate both the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Forge FC as well as a master license agreement with Tim Hortons Field , a modern 23,000 seat multipurpose stadium in central Hamilton.

The existing ownership group will retain majority ownership and continue to manage the teams. “Caretaker” Bob Young will remain as the Chair and largest single shareholder of Hamilton Sports Group.

Young welcomes a group of passionate and experienced community leaders to the expanded ownership group which includes iconic Hamilton-based Stelco along with senior sports executives Scott Mitchell (current CEO for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Forge FC) and Jim Lawson (CEO of Woodbine Entertainment).

A leader in the Hamilton region for 110+ years, Stelco has a long and proud history in supporting and promoting the local business and sports community. Stelco’s Chairman and CEO Alan Kestenbaum will represent the company’s ownership position. A long-time football lover, Kestenbaum is also currently a minority owner of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons.

Scott Mitchell becomes Managing Partner and CEO of Hamilton Sports Group and lead league governor for both the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Forge FC. Mitchell has been with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats since 2008 when he was appointed President and has served as the CEO of Bob Young Group of Canadian Companies since 2015. Mitchell, along with Bob Young, is also a co-founder of the Canadian Premier League (CPL) and its commercial partner, Canada Soccer Business (CSB).

Long time sports executive and Hamilton native Jim Lawson brings extensive experience to the new ownership group. Lawson has been the CEO of Woodbine Entertainment since 2015 and is a former Chair of the CFL board of governors twice serving as interim commissioner.

Hamilton Sports Group teams have both experienced recent successes. The Tiger-Cats hosted and played in the CFL’s 108th Grey Cup last month – the team’s second consecutive appearance. Forge FC are one of the inaugural teams in the CPL, winning back-to-back titles in 2019 and 2020 and will compete in the 2022 CONCACAF Champions League. Tim Hortons Field will host an upcoming FIFA World Cup qualification match between Canada and the United States. Other notable events scheduled at Tim Hortons Field include the Buffalo Sabres hosting the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL’s 2022 Heritage Classic in March, and the 110th Grey Cup which will be hosted by the Tiger-Cats in 2023.

Hamilton Sports Group Quotes

My goal as Caretaker has been to ensure our teams prosper for at least another 153 years. We will do this through a commitment to strong values. Ours include a commitment to serve our community and demonstrating leadership through the pursuit of excellence. Our new Hamilton Sports Group partners perfectly represent the values we aspire to, and they will ensure our continued success.

Bob Young

Chair, Hamilton Sports Group

Stelco is thrilled to partner with Hamilton Sports Group and the entire Tiger-Cats and Forge FC organizations. They put a tremendous product on the field in both sports, and represent Hamilton proudly, much like Stelco. Since arriving at Stelco in 2017, I have continued to be amazed at the spirit shown by the local community and have experienced firsthand the rabid local support for the Tiger-Cats. This is an overdue union of two Hamilton icons, with Stelco’s 110+ year history in Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats’ own history in the city dating back over 150 years. We are excited by the growth prospects of both teams and their respective leagues as new media opportunities continue to be embraced and live sports content remains the preeminent source of entertainment globally.

Alan Kestenbaum

Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stelco

This is an incredibly exciting time to be a Hamilton sports fan. This new structure ensures our leadership and vision remains in place while adhering to Bob Young’s “Caretaker” ethos as stewards of the community and its professional sports teams. We are incredibly excited about bringing on Stelco under the leadership of Alan Kestenbaum and his executive team and know they share our enthusiasm for our community and for bringing great events and experiences to Tim Hortons Field

Scott Mitchell

Managing Partner and CEO, Hamilton Sports Group

I have a long family history with the city of Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats that spans three generations. The passion of the fans and community support is unmatched. I am absolutely thrilled to join Bob and the new ownership group and look forward to helping make our team perennial winners.

Jim Lawson

Partner, Hamilton Sports Group


Looks like Bob doesn’t want to be the sole one caretaking now.

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Mitchell is no longer "just" an employee now.

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My first thought as well. And we thought him entrenched before.

And you thought 3 GMs was too many cooks in the kitchen .


I welcome the diversity these investors bring.
It means long term stability.
Judging by their comments they are committed and excited to be part of this sporting group.

Good news for the Ti-Cats, Forge FC and the city of Hamilton.


From a Hamilton perspective, I'm surprised it was Stelco jumping in, and not Dofasco.

Stelco has been in a much more challenging financial state than Dofasco.

Good to see Stelco stepping up.

"Stelco" is basically a hedge fund now...

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yah, I don't know all the I'm not in that industry.

But I have like a dozen friends or more that are all Dofasco workers, and doing quite well. Good pay and strong contributions into their retirement funds.

I don't know anyone who has started as a new employee in Stelco in over a decade. Only Stelco workers I know are retirees.

Wonder if they'll push for naming rights after the Tim Hortons deal is done. I hate the name donut box, lol.

No problem
How does The Bieber Box sound?

I had a similar thought about naming rights. I think the current deal will end in two years. And the current owners of TH are … let’s just say, not as interested in investing in community goodwill, nor anywhere near as enamoured about the company’s local roots.

Well, if it means he buys in as an owner, and maybe shows up every once and a while (which would generate HUGE news and excitement), I'll accept it.

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Name will be the most humiliating and degrading one the media can possibly think of. “Stelco Field” becomes “The Tin Cup” or “Rust Bucket” or “Steel Spittoon”.

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The irony is it's an image Young wanted the team to stay away from. Always said we were a tech town, marketing campaigns were always around the Hammer, Hammer time, Hammer town.

Never once a reference to the steel city.


"The Blast Furnace"???..."The Coke Oven"???..."The BOF"???..."The Hot Strip Mill" (that might be a good


I thought of the blast furnace, then remembered Stelco doesn't have one....they closed it down and ship in their coke.

They do have one...At Lake Erie...

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true. meant the Hamilton location.

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They also dont have a stadium in central Hamilton. It's in the east end.scott mitchel is the reason it's not in central hamilton

I'm not sure what central Hamilton has to do with anything? i even went back through the recent comments?

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