NEW Ownership for this team is needed

I find it funny that some Bomber fans in Manitoba don't want to see the team become privately-owned. The funny part is because most of these people can't give a reason why, other than the fact we've been community-owned for 70 years.

To that I say "and...?"

Look, I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but face it. NO GREY CUP IN 17 YEARS.

The last time Winnipeg won it all, Edmonton had defeated the Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup the previous spring (yeah.. freakin' BOSTON was in the Stanley Cup final!)... the "War in the Gulf" was the story of the year... Cincinnati beat Oakland to win the World Series... Super Nintendo was first released (in Japan)...

The point is, we need a change!

David Asper is willing to put up millions of his own money for a new, world-class stadium... he's loved the Bombers ever since he was a kid... he's a born-and-raised Winnipegger... need I go on?

Maybe we won't a Grey Cup the first year he takes ownership of the team. Or the second. But would that be any different if the team stays community owned?

I find that most people who don't want things to change are (of course), OLDER people. People set in their ways. Maybe it's human nature, but that doesn't make it right.

Winnipeg needs an NHL team!

Perhaps your following the wrong team, but the Bombers have made it to the Championship 3 times since then, are one of the best teams this year.

How old are you buddy?
I'm not that old, but I'm not some highschool kid either.
I've been to almost every Bomber game in the last 20 years, something like 200 games.

I beleive I have the right to have a solid imput on who gets to be the owner of the team.

Here is the thing, If Asper wants the team and I beleive he wants them for the right reason, he isn't evil.

He needs to front more then 40M for the Stadium.
the MTS center was built with 2/3rds PRIVATE Money, and there was no tranfer of Team ownership in that deal.

That means Aspers Deal would atleast need to match that meaning he needs to pay 80M of the 120M$ stadium + any difference in the costs.
Even then, that doesn't get him 100% ownership, that should get 55% ownership.

All that 45% community ownership means is Vito Rights on things like Team movement/Team Folding.

But you are right, people are set in their ways, that is why people are so scared of the Canad Inns proposal, it's scary to think the Bombers might change location again for a new Stadium.
But it turned out to be a good move to go from Broadway to Polo Park.
I beleive it would be a good idea to move to the Packer Site, things need to get cleaned up of course, and I hate the idea of football in a Dome.
But the fact the Stadium can be built Correctly and the Bombers would own, that's right OWN around 53 Acres in what will be two of the best Retail areas in the City, sounds pretty nice.

and of course the team is community owned, there is a chance to hold the CFLPA all-star game, more Grey cups(Torontonians/Vancouver peeps are scared of Winnipeg Winters and out-door games)

This is a team very much on the right path, but it needs a new Stadium, with I would say 40 Luxury Boxes, a Capacity of 40K, with 10K seats being able to be closed off for Regular Season games, and Seats that allow people to sit confortably.

Luxury Boxes + proper Seats should mean 1.2M$ in Revenue yearly for the Bombers.

That + TSN Deal means the Bombers are able to make a good amount of money each year, thus are able to invest in things like Scouting/FA camps to better the team.
State of the art Training facility + Stadium is also a very nice incentive for Players to chose winnipeg over the Green Priders.

Just Because it's Private Ownership doesn't mean it's right.
You of all people should know how Private Ownership Bites ya in the end, The Jets Privately owned remember, they left because well Bettman is an idiot and the Private Owners couldn't foot the Bill, they wanted out.

Asper isn't likely to do that, but do you think he is going to live forever?
he's in his 40's now, might be hard to do this, but think ahead what happens in 20-30 years when he is unable to watchover the team?
Does it fall on his Kids? and if they don't like the Bombers? The Bombers are left in a Scenario of needing someone to come in and save the day instead of being independant of that.

Are you Saying right now that the bombers are not in a situation to win the grey cup this year?
With Armstrong, Stegall, Brown, Khan, Glenn, Charlie, Simpson, Hebert, Bean, Malbrough, Malveaux, Canada, Walls and all the others.
The Bombers are not in a situation to win the cup?
That Bombers were not in a situation last year to win the cup?
I would like to know how Asper owning the team would have prevented Milt, KG and Goodspeed from being injured, without those injuries 1 more win and a home playoff game aren't hard to see.

That is not even complaining about minor injuries like Sheridan, Childs, McCord that is of 3 Star Offencive players being injured at one time for a 1 month stretch.

I agree he shouldnt be knocking the bombers but theres no point in knocking the jets. Winnipeg would be happy to have both teams running sucessfully side-by-side.

I'm not Knocking the Jets, I'm knocking Bettman and The Former Jets owners who bailed.

Community Ownership has shown the Bombers through Tough times, There won't be any walking away.
I don't want to see the BB's leave like the Jets left.
it should also be noted Jetsin07, the reason for the bombers not winning can be connected to teams Cheating the Former and current cap, which hopefully will be fixed for the 2007 season with a real enforced cap
No Riders, Eskimos and others spending 500-600K above the cap.
by 2008 all teams should be on equal footing or putting alot of money into revenue sharing.


for once i agree with jetsin07 community owned is stupid and no NHL team will ever be community owned the only possible way is for asper to go halfers with an owner that already owns a team that is willing to move it somewhere like the owner in nashville and a few others were the fan base is too low thats the only way bettman will allow it because the guy already owns the team and could do whatever he pleases, bettman will never allow winnipeg or any other canadian team have an expansion team because he's an american and is jealous that americans are crap when it comes to hockey against us (canadians)

and also the bomber will not leave i dunno if you know this but the CFL sttands for canadian football league meaning bombers will never leave because winnipeg has 1 of the bigger populations than the other provinces so why would they leave. unless they move to the states which won't happen because states would rather be associated with NFL now at the time when thre were americian teams the NFL just started becoming good football and than those teams later moved to NFL

Nice Spelling.
But Do you not remember or perhaps you didn't pay attention to CFL teams in the 90's.
But the Ownership Issues were Rampant.
Asper cannot live forever, if he owns the team who is next?

Why is it stupid?
Do the Packers Suck?

two teams that do pretty good.
Hey the Riders even produced a profit last year and while they do love Banjos, they are community owned.
Bombers get a new Stadium they will produce yearly profits, why should the team be privately owned when they don't need to?

Bettman is stupid, I'll agree with that one.
He would try to block a team from moving to canada, but Moving Washington, Atlanta, Pheonix or FLorida to Winnipeg could happen, but won't for awhile. Someone will need to step up and buy the team, which is where things get tricky.

I think the team would be better of with Asper as a private owner. I certainly wouldn't let just anyone own the team, but Asper is a Winnipeg guy and he wants the team to be successful in Winnipeg.

All this irrational fear about moving the team is completely unfounded. The Jets left because they couldn't get a new arena. Why would Asper spend $80 million dollars on a new stadium, give it to the city and then move the team to somewhere else? Where else would he move it to? Halifax? London? Qu├ębec? Fargo? Even if he suffered a severe head injury, he still wouldn't be stupid enough to move a team out of the newest stadium in Canada away from one of the strongest fanbases in the country. Especially considering there is no other place for a team to move to!

The negotions are going on now. I think the big question will be what happens when Asper eventually dies, or if Canwest goes bankrupt(unlikely). If they have some sort of mechanism so that the team reverts back to community ownership in those circumstances, then it's all good.

mking3, I do agree don't get me wrong there.

Chance of Asper moving the team are extremely low. But if someone else gets their hand on the team(after Asper) That is where Garantees take their true effect.

Barnes I am glad that the Moose are NOT community owned. I would not want to own them thats for sure.

Actually the Arena had nothing to do with the Jets leaving.
The Jets left because they were losing Millions of dollars each year and players salaries were skyrocketing.
A new Arena in the 90s was not going to help keep the Jets in Winnipeg.
They even started building a new Arena where the Can West Global stadium is but the deal fell apart.

that hurts(arena fall through), but BB while I agree a new Arena likely would not have stopped the jets from leaving it may have kept them around for awhile.

I mean the old arena had nothing in terms of Luxury Boxes, it had.. 14? and they were not Luxurious.

It kinda hard to understand how much money they were losing since reported attendance figures weren't that bad.

When you went into them you didn't feel Luxury the hallways were.. 3-4 feet wide? about wide enough for 2 people to walk side by side(without really any space against the walls or between the people)

Luxury Boxes could have kept the team around for awhile.
I mean some other teams had worse attendance(Islanders) and the Jets attendance was fairly close to league average up until their last year(13-13.5K average for the Jets vs. 14-15K for the league)
Anyone remember the ticket prices where in the last two Season?

thing that would have saved the Jets if is Isreal Asper had talked to the Jets ownership when David asked him.. that's the past.

Again a Reason to ask, what happens if Asper somehow losses ownership/Gives up Ownership.
Does the team Revert to Community ownership?
I'm fine with Asper Taking over the Day to Operations and Such But I am very much against anyone else being the Owner of the Bombers other then the Community, any other owner would need to prove themselves like Izzy. Be a Winnipegger, Love the Bombers and such.

Remember no one Lives forever, that must be kept in mind when making the deal, it can just be a clause upon David Aspers Passing or loss of Sanity(whichever) may be next month, maybe 40 years from now who knows. the team reverts to 100% community ownership.