new ottawa stadium drawings

i've read some articles that mention the new ottawa ownership has some stadium designs floating around out there.

Shenkman said he and his partners Jeff Hunt, owner of the Ottawa 67's, and fellow developers Roger Greenberg and John Ruddy [b]have preliminary drawings for what they'd like to see at city-owned Frank Clair,[/b] including massive renovations that would push capacity to over 25,000 and transform "what is a dump into a world-class facility."
has anyone seen them or have a link to them?

Here's a try:

oh...ive seen this b4...i thought the article was talkin about a sketch of the stadium, like winnipegs stadium designs....guess not.

Actaully, judging from what you quoted in your first post, it sounds like they might have something else altogether. If they do I haven't seen it though.

Arenas are arenas are arenas, they more or less all look the same from the outside. But stadiums are different, totally different and can really give a different feeling. Gone are the days of building marshmellow bubbles like the ones in Indy and Vancouver and the igloos at the Rogers Centre (although retractable which is good) and the Penguins arena. The sketches of the new Winnipeg stadium are awesome. Lots of different looks with the partly covered stands type of structures. Ottawa deserves something that they can be proud of being Canada’s capital.

This one in Salt Lake, soccer, looks neat:


It looks expensive too.

Does anybody have any insight to the North Side stands. We all know the South Side lower deck is coming down. With that I assume the upper deck will come down with an entirely new South Side structure.

But what about the North Side. It's a beautiful, and useful structure (hockey rink, convention space etc.) but it's also falling into disrepair because the city REFUSES to properly maintain it.

What do we think we happen?

We can't really know. Assuming that the stadium is part of the redesign, the northside would have to remain.

From there it'll depend on what bids are submitted, I guess. I can't imagine that they'd leave it as is and build new stuff around it. That would be horrid.

I was just responding on the Ticat forum about the stadium and maybe the only way to sell people on the idea of a football stadium in this well-heeled area of Ottawa is to make it a summer festival type stadium, a new one that has a museum feel to it where the 3 tenors, Josh Groban etc can play and bring in 20,000 or so people.

We tried that with the Stones and it didn't fly, so maybe your idea is better. :wink:

Surely Anne Murray would love to play there.

"Even though we ain't got money,
I'm still in love with you, honey..."

Good tune CRF. The Stones probably have the same ring to them as football for the residents in the area. But more classical performers and jazz stuff might work. Doesn't Montreal have a huge jazz festival that brings in big numbers of people?

1)The rolling stones concert was very big.About 50,000 packed frank clair staadium for this concert.

2)Ottawa is home to both the ottawa bluesfest and jazzfest.The bluesfest is the 4th biggest in the world.The jazzfest is the 8th biggest in the world.

reidjr, where is the bluesfest and jazzfest there? Could they make it even bigger by using a new football stadium and grounds in some way?

Is held at the lebreton flats.Has 5 main stages and concession stands/Suites etc.It runs july 3-13th.They have a great set up.I am not sure if a football stadium would help them or even something they want.

Is held at confederation park.I think they aslo have 5 main stages it runs june 20th- july 1.Much like the bluesfest i am not sure if a football stadium would help them.

Interesting, thanks. Let me know if Ottawa gets a rock fest or alternative pop music fest, I might take something like that in. :wink:

tear down the south side stands and build a new one intime for the renegades to play in the 2010 season, with the new southside and old northside.

then in the offseason, teardown the northside stands and build a new northside intime for the 2011 season.

similar to how the new winnipeg stadium is being build one half at a time.

thats an amazing lookin stadium!
nice find, earl.

would be awesome in ottawa.

Thanks dg. Hopefully the CFL will have a neat looking stadium like this soon, it could happen in Winnipeg first I guess, and be somewhat larger than this one in Salt Lake.

The way it stands now is that the South Side Lower deck will be demolished, the Upper Deck which was built later is in great shape and the North Side is intact.
It is likely that in the short term, temporary seats will be added to the South Side Lower, we are talking about 7,000 seats.

I can't see the city letting the stadium sit idle for a few years. They will be missing out on international events like the FIFA U20, womens international soccer, rock concerts etc. Temporary south side seats wouldn't be that expensive or take very long to erect.

I agree Mike