New OT Rules

New OT rules:

 Regular Season:

Have just 1 round of regular shootout. From round 2 on,
have a 2-pt conversion shootout. Games will end much quicker.


Have 2 rounds of regular shootout, after that, go to 2-pt shootout.

Everybody has different views on the OT format. I prefer the way they did OT in the old days with a 10 min. Quarter (I think) as I grew up watching it played as such. The way it is now is O.K. with me however.

Haven't we had this discussion already, multiple times?

That's true PiCat we have, but since it's a new poster is the only reason I posted my two cents worth.

what is wrong with a tie in regular season. I think if 2 teams battle it out that closely there is nothing wrong with a tie.

Not sure about the 2 point convert. It is exciting, but I am still not a fan.

Agreed. And in the playoffs, let the boys play more football to settle the deadlock :thup:

Oh hell no, I would not give up the drama of what happened during the season opener for anything. The suspense, the build up, the anxiety release at the end is all part of the game and pure entertainment. Sure it makes the losses sting but it really does make that victory all that much sweeter as well.