New OT for Esks is getting paid what?


From the numbers I have, Matt O'Donnell is set to make $81,500 next year with the #Esks. Ben Heenan is $65k base and $6k roster bonus. #CFL

So a guy who has never played a snap, was a second round pick and never made it onto a game day roster for the Bengals is getting more than the 1st overall pick. I think Tillman got Tillmaned in this one. Good thing he traded Ricky Ray so he has all this money to through around.

Wrong Billy_Soup.......
Pre-season game #1; Matt does have a fumble recovery in the Bengals game win over the Jets.

If the CFL wants to keep these young O Lineman in the CFL they are going to have to pay him. O'donnell with his size could have waited around a bit longer and found his may onto a practice roster or could have made a move right to the UFL for 40K and housing and came out and tried the NFL again next year. The ESKS top pick paztor did get signed to the Jackinville practice roster at the beginning of the week. A guraenteed $ 81,000 over the next three years is a gurantee that would be hard to pass up. Also with the new TV deal coming the CFL will hope to be able to up the cap so that first round picks especially at his size would be able to pay them and offer them job security.
This is the world of pro football today

80-90k is probably the average salary in the league.

If Arash's numbers are correct, O'Donnell might be a bit overpaid, but I would have to say more that the Riders got a sweetheart deal with Heenan. Tillman can't help that.

I think the reason why O"Donnel pay was so much higher than Heenans is that Heenan really did not have any NFL interest also the reason why the Riders made the decision to choose him first overall is that they had already known that Heenan would sign with the Riders. They now have a quality potential allstar Canadian Lineman for a decade now provided their is no major injury of course and being a saskatchewan boy the will never have to worry about losing him in free agency.

The experience O'Donnell got in the NFL was rewarding on skills he learned; even though on the practice squad for a year was a bonus none the less. To get Pasztor in an Eskimo uniform will be up there in $$$ too...future player/next year?

Tillman has had a reputation for overpaying NIs for ages so why is anyone surprised.

It pays to pay your OLineman. If they can get Pasztor to come in next season for camp with a secure contract and paycheck that is in the area of what a practice squad player gets and they will have 2 rocks on that O Line for years to come.
The readon he traded Ray was to build a better team around a QB, now he has to go and get a young QB next season or go from within. I think that Masoli is his guy he was hot for hime last year but Masoli took a pass and went to the UFL. Tillman got his guy this year and has protected him from all the QB problems