New ---------> old uniforms?

I read somewhere on the forums that someone had information that the "3rd" uniforms will be scrapped and we will be going back to the classic look of the late 90's (Steelers type) this true?

If so, all I can say is........"smile" :smiley:

Mikey They could play in Pink & Baby Blue Tutus for all Care.As Long as they Play

Uniforms are not worth Complaining about

I totally agree. Who really cares what they wear?? We fans are not the ones that have to wear these uniforms.. the players are!

I hope this isn't true. Let's at least try and be consistent with our unis?

I know a lot of older fans like the retro look, but what's retro to you, is old and plain to a younger generation.

Why don't we try sticking with what we have now for an extended period.


Too bad we're in the minority.

It was obviously important to the team if they changed the "look"........branding /logos are more important than you think.....ask Nike, McDonalds and the Maple Leafs :wink:

Darren Flutie:

We at one time had the best logo in pro-sports with our detailed fierce leaping Tiger.

It's time for Bob to bring it back and replace the easy to draw cartoon one that we have now.

As for the Jersey's our away one's are pretty close to a retro look now except for the tiger. It is the home ones that need to go back to having the stripes on the sleeves. The all gold jersey can be our 3rd Jersey......The OLD LOGO must return.

I agree with Peter1,

The old logo was the best in pro sports. (If aint broke dont fix it) The new unis are nice but I prefer the older traditional ones with the old logo. I think our traditional uniforms were among the best in sports, right there with the Bruins, Steelers,Montreal Canadiens

Ive always like the jersey from the 1998-2004

The old uni's are great, but there is a time for change. Our new uni's are probably the best in the league. Maybe once a year we could have retro night, wear old uni's, bring back a couple of old players and then auction all the stuff off afterwards for charity, but other than that, the new uni's are here to stay.

The new unis are nice. Just as long as we never get rid of the gold black and white, I`ll be happy.

Agreed, the new unis and new logo have grown on me. I really like them.

I 100% agree [CHANGE BACK] I think it will help bring back the hardnose kind of football that made the ti- cats a great football team in the 1950"s and 60"s.

The logo and jerseys have nothing to do with playing hard nose football. That’s the players and coaches responsibility.

I believe that team sprit,and history have a lot to do withthe team finding it's ,for lack of s better word, style of play.

I'm they both play a part but just putting the players in an old jersy doesnt make them a tougher team. The players on the roster make them a tougher team.

Look at Baltimore. They wear purple and are one of the toughest teams in the NFL.

I cant believe that people actually relate a teams performance to their uniforms. It's quite comical really.

Not directly related, but this discussion reminds me of an old Seinfeld bit:

"Loyalty to any one sports team is pretty hard to justify. Because the players are always changing, the team can move to another city, you're actually rooting for the clothes when you get right down to it. You know what I mean, you are standing and cheering and yelling for your clothes to beat the clothes from another city. Fans will be so in love with a player but if he goes to another team, they boo him. This is the same human being in a different shirt, they hate him now. Boo! different shirt!! Boo."

Thanks for all the varied opinions......I suspect that all the uniforms (old or new) are hanging in the "uni room" waiting for "opening day" anyhow and we don't have much of a say at this point........I just hope they are acceptable and popular with the fans and all the Ticats players , new and old, appreciate the tradition they are pulling onto their's not just a's a responsibility......(hey, there's next year's marketing slogan!) :wink:

----no charge---- :cowboy: