New old contributers to this form

Hi guys. Well done BUT our form board is falling faster then Clinton supporters. Why. We need more insider info,
less I read it in the paper. More Cherry type people making a point. Of coarse less the suit!! Just saying I'm not a rookie here if anyone cares,
So here goes. brianjo 92 kelowna Tue Jun 14, 2005 12:26 I joined. But few years later CFL computer problems
I had to start over as brianjox. Nice won a trip to the grey cup. Won the pick the winner 2 times Very close 5 times
like last year. Then CFL computer problems, had to resign up as brianjoxx. Your new rookie. Nice as a ring
so look out guys for this this years pick to win the big prize. Well almost.

Lets encourage people to play and provide input and challenges on winners. My first game in person
was in 1956 when Edmonton hosted Winnipeg. Hooked after that.

How can we attract more to our form. Even if there dumb rookies!!! Like me