New offensive staff announced

Bob Dyce, offensive coordinator and running backs;

Kris Sweet, runnning game coordinator and offensive line;

Khari Jones, QBs

Jason Tucker, receivers.

Don't know how that works. .. one guy (Sweet) as "running game coordinator" and another guy (Dyce) as running backs coach.

huh, total revamp. thats good

now we just need a total revamp for defense too.

I'm still a bit skeptical about Dyce. Setting aside that he worked with Taman in the Peg, my main issue is that last year, he sure didn't do much to bring a talented receiving corps up to their potential. He has good schemes, but can he coach?

Big kudos to bringing in a QB coach, and Jones has enough of a name that he will get respect. Maybe future OC there? Never even thought of Tucker for receivers. I like that move a lot.

Hopefully, these were all Chamblin's picks, and no one else's. (I have no reason to think they aren't) It would really suck to see the HC undercut by management again.

I am shocked that they got Jones and Dyce. Jones must have been out of a job to come on as QB coach, but I really like it! I think his contrast to that of DD's will be great...that is why DD did so great under the guidance of Marcus Crandell...a more pass orientated QB guiding him (granted, Jones was a little more run capable than Crandell).

This is great news! Dyce has great guys working around him, and lets be honest...if he is horrid, Jones is already going to be in the mix...really good situation!

I am also really shocked with Tucker...was he not still the WR coach for the Esks last season?

Kudos to Tanam for managing to bring both Jones and tucker in! Also, he picked up a good guy in Kris Sweet. Sweet has done very well with the Stamps line, so he has proven himself. My confidence level in the Chamblin / Tanam combo just went way way up!

And yes, I do believe these were primarily Chamblin's choices. They indicated they discussed coaching staff in the interview process, so that would indicate he did have people in mind. I mean, yeah, Tanam is going to have some significant say, and if he doesn't like the primary candidate is going to discuss options, but after the mauling over he got with the Marshall situation I would be shocked if he would straight up over-rule a choice. I think it was likely a pool of 2 guys per coaching position and then trying to sign on the primary candidate...that is where Tanam comes in, and kudos to him...looks like he lured in some top notch guys...a couple for sure that were very secure in the jobs they already held!

As I said in the other related thread: :thup: :thup:

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bit of an interview with Jones. It sounds like this coaching staff has the right mindset thus far.

Didn't want to start another new thread on the coaches, but Craig Dickenson will be our ST coach this year again! I am happy they let him keep his job as I think that was our teams only real bright spot for the year!