New offensive line needed.

The trouble with the quarterback's getting injured is the big holes in the offensive line.for the past few years the offensive line has been getting weaker and weaker. trading Murphy was a mistake. He wasn't the best but he brought some toughness and heart onto the field. Hopefully they can pick up a couple big nfl o liners especially a good center.

We didn't trade Murphy, he was a free agent... we offered him good money and he went to Toronto on his own to be closer to family because he had the 3 new borns.

Angus Reid is one of the best centers in the league, he wasn't the problem... it was the guards who were the problem. And you can't just bring in a guy and expect his to deliver right away. O-Line is the position that takes the most time to adjust to when you change teams, there's a reason why 99% of O-Line are always veterans that have been on the practice roster or backup roles for a while.

It is amazing how bad this o-line has been given we waste two import spots on the tackle positions. Montreal goes with an All-Canadian line and is far superior.

Is this Dorazio's fault? He has groomed Valli since the Lions took him as a 1st round pick 4 years ago. I would say he would get a marginal passing grade for his first season as a starter but nothing more. Now we will find out what happens with Sorensen learning under him.

Overall the protection has been brutal at times and even more importantly this unit gets little to no push on short yardage situations where QB sneaks for first downs shouldn't be such an adventure.

short yardage situations have evolved over the last few years into crash and burns of epic proportions and cost us big time. they're a special blast when we don't get the yardage then fumble the pigskin for good measure.