New Offensive Coordinator

Not a lot was said during the off-season of dumping Steve Burratto and making Jaques Chapdelaine the new offensive coordinator. Chapdelaine came over with Buono from Calgary. If you recall, one of the major conflicts in Calgary was Buono’s refusal to dump Chapdelaine when ownership wanted him too.

I liked Steve Burratto. When he was fired as head coach he still volunteered to sit in the spotters booth and help out the squad. Later that season the Leos got rid of their line coach and the offensive line requested Burratto return as their offensive line coach. Certainly, last years explosive offence can be attributed to the excellent play of Printers but Burratto also deserves credit for taking a raw rookie and helping him become MVP while being at the helm of the leagues best offence. There were good reasons for the Leos to get rid of Arsanian as defensive coordinator and Ritchie has done an excellent job with the defence to date.

It makes me wonder if Burratto was overruled on wanting to start Printers in the Grey Cup. It was mentioned, in the off-season that there was a strained relationship between Burratto and Chapdelaine and Wally said Chapdelaine hadn’t recieved enough credit for his work. It will be interesting to see how the offence performs this year compared to last. The comparison is not only Printers vs Dickenson but also Burratto and Chapdelaine’s schemes. Burratto had coached defence and offence and hadbeen a head coach. His offence was imaginative. Wally now has his own crew with no connections to the old regime.

At present, my view is the passing game hasn’t missed a beat and it shouldn’t with Chapdelaine as a knowledgeable recievers coach. However the flair in the offence with the running game, screen game, rollout game, and the unexpected play hasn’t emerged yet. It will be interesting to watch to see if it develops!!