New OC ??

Thinking that Khari Jones or George Cortez if they are available might be a good choice to replace Maas . :cowboy:

Always liked Cortez and Burris certainly put up some crazy numbers under him 2012. I'd be totally into that. :thup:

Jacques Chapdelaine might be another option. I think he and Campbell crossed career paths a few years ago in Edmonton. Saskatchewanm moved the ball all right with Kevin Glenn under his watch.

I would go with Cortez, but I think he just retired.

I read somewhere that was expected to, then heard it had been announced, but never saw the actual announcement. So I'm not sure.

It's not like he can't pull a Brett Favre though...

Funny thing, Maas has been removed from the list of coaches but the one guy he was said to have poached, Jordan Maksymic (running backs), is still on there. Wonder if that ended up falling through?

We should go after Edmontons fair is fair.

Wonder if Dunigan would consider a coaching position with the team . I don't know if he has a big ego or not and wouldn't hurt the current atmosphere but I like the guy's comments and his rookie time HC with the Stamps was hindered possibly by ownership and experience . Also I would look at the future if you don't use Hank in the capacity
of QB coach in the future Matt could be the man for the job .

I always liked Dunigans attitude about Canadian talent and if we get the next great hope from Ottawa waiting at UBC he could help him transition to the CFL .

That's interesting. He seems very easy to get along with so I don't think he'd be the type that would ruin the family atmosphere that's been built.

He looks pretty happy with the TV gig but I don't think this is a bad idea at all.

I got sidetracked there...Marcus Brady's name just appeared on Twitter as a candidate for this position. I don't know if he's actually available though. Hunt has said he doesn't go for people under contract but perhaps his recent experience is causing him to rethink that anyway.

[i] In 2013, his unit scored more than 500 points on the season, which was the most by an Argonauts team since 1998, put up more than 6,900 yards of total offence, Argos quarterbacks combined for more than 5,000 yards passing, and QB Ricky Ray threw just two interceptions on more than 300 attempts and earned East Division Most Outstanding Player honours for the first time in his career.

His offence continued to play well in 2014 and finished near the top of the League in most significant categories including most touchdowns scored (38), most passing touchdowns scored (31), most average yards offence per game (354.3) and most average passing yards per game (280.3). QB Ricky Ray once again earned recognition as the East Division Most Outstanding Player.[/i]

Is Brady unsigned for 2016 ? He sounds great if we can get him . I definitely want to see more of the up tempo offence we had 2015 with no huddle when you need it . Also someone who doesn't forget the running game with the two great backs we have now .

Hunt has said he doesn't go for people under contract
A small part of me appreciates the respect he shows, a much larger part of me wants a great OC and a winning team. Soooo..........

Yeah, no kidding...I can't help but think at some point he'll take the "When in Rome" mentality. Otherwise you're just limiting yourself.

But if Brady is under contract, like Hank mentions, then the team would need permission for what is essentially a lateral move. My guess is Brady will be available shortly, but that's all it is. Otherwise I don't see how it happens.

Ottawa REDBLACKSVerified account
BREAKING: Jaime Elizondo (@coachelizondo) has been hired as our new offensive coordinator.

[url=] ... ordinator/[/url]

Called it!

No, of course that's not true, I had no idea. :oops:

Excerpts from a Sun article:

As GM Marcel Desjardins puts it, the switch to offensive co-ordinator Jaime Elizondo will be a "seamless" transition as the RedBlacks move on from Jason Maas, who took the head coaching job with the Edmonton Eskimos a couple of weeks ago.

Burris, Ottawa's quarterback who put together a Most Outstanding Player season under Maas' schemes, won't have to learn a whole new offence. As it turns out, Maas and Elizondo, who was announced as the new RedBlacks offensive co-ordinator on Christmas Eve, have plenty in common - especially their offensive learnings. They go back to the system of former Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman, then Scott Milanovich ... and maybe even beyond that.

"The lineage starts with Trestman, that's where it's based out of," said the 44-year-old Elizondo. "It's important to have a system and understand it. If the system isn't broad enough and it isn't good enough, you come to a point where you run into some roadblocks.

"This system has been around for a long, long time. We're not reinventing the wheel here. Our system's in place, there'll be some tweaking of terminology, but not much. The key is, can we come in here and minimize the learning curve you would normally get when you transition to a new co-ordinator? We're trying to take it from where this team left off because a lot of the pieces are in place."

Elizondo, who was born in Mexico and raised in El Paso, Texas, has packed plenty of experience into his football life. He first worked in the CFL in 2008 with the Alouettes as receivers and assistant special teams coach. He then moved to Syracuse and worked as the receivers coach for the Orangemen in 2009 before joining the Argos in 2010 and 2011 as offensive co-ordinator and quarterbacks coach.


Elizondo has spent the past few days in Ottawa, getting a feel for the organization and getting a read on coach Rick Campbell.

"I spoke to Rick on the phone for awhile," said Elizondo. "I came up and wanted to spend some time with him, get to know him. That was important. Everything people say about him is right on.

"I wouldn't have taken this job (if I didn't feel like I was on the same wavelength). In this business, you spend so much time together. It's important to be on the same page as far as how you handle adversity, how you handle success, how you handle discipline, are you on the same page with philosophy? This is what I walked away with: He's a good human being."

The RedBlacks got permission from the Argos to talk to Elizondo a couple of weeks ago.

"There were other qualified people out there, but he was the guy we were hoping we'd be able to hire," said Desjardins. "He was on our list from the get-go. He's the perfect fit for us right now."

As it turns out, Elizondo has a pretty good handle on Ottawa. His wife Aurelia's parents live here.


"I was very cautious about making sure it was the right fit," he said. "It's more important in football to be surrounded by the right people than it is just to take a position because it's a promotion. I don't have that need anymore. This was important that the pieces fit."

Elizondo sounds like a good fit for the team . They really lucked out . I have to be honest I never heard of him before they signed him . Does anybody have any stats for the brief period he was an OC in Toronto prior to his receiving coach term ?

Well...I saw a comparison done very recently. The Argos struggled offensively in most ways at the time, but their best QB was...Cleo Lemon. Personally I think Burris is better. :wink: Yet in 2010 they were 9-9 after a 3-15 season. They won 6 games in 2011 with Dalton Bell (??).

The interesting thing was that they led the league in rushing average and the RedBlacks certainly have the guns to do that.