New OC

Who do you guys think the new OC should be? The 2 names I keep hearing are Jones from the TiCats and Bob Dyce...Rider passing coordinator.

I am not sure with Jones, he might be alright, but I was never overly impressed with the Cats O. You have to think Chamblin would look at him because they have a working relationship.

With Dyce, I like his passing coordination, and its details different looks, especcially when he puts motion in the mix. He is however also WR coach, and I was concerned last year that he could not get guys stepping back towards the ball all season. Not getting players back onto this basic practice is a bit concerning looking at him as an OC. Now of course another concern is that apparently Dyce is a leading candidate for the OC openning in Bomberville, so I hope they square this away quickly. I have the impression that they are contacting candidates, and to me it sounds like this will all be squared away in the 1st week of 2012.

I could see Jones doing well. A former QB could be good for Durant. Would he leave his current position for an identical one though? Maybe he could also be assistant head coach or something. Has anyone heard of Travis Moore being considered for the position? I haven’t, but thought he might be an interesting choice.

I wonder, if JC retires, will they bring him back in some coaching capacity? perhaps WR coach, perhaps QB coach. He has an amazing football mind, and my understanding is they watched game footage as an offense at his house before every game right through 2010, even in his limited capacity on the field. Have not heard if they did in 2011 as well. I think he could have potential to be a coach of some sort down the road, and I am guessing that both the WR and QB coach jobs will be open shortly.

oh, and yes, Jason is clearly interested in coaching:

[url=] ... to-retire/[/url]

read last one

Chris Sweet? - From Calgary.
Sorry Kris Sweet.

[url=] ... file/?id=7[/url]

Rob Byce - OC/ Running back coach
Kris Sweet - OL/Running game coordinator
Kari Jones - QB coach
Jason Tucker - Receiver's coach
No link yet - just a twitter feed on CBC.
Looks really good to me. :thup: :thup:

dusty I posted the link in a new thread I started. . . apologies, I probably should have just put it here.

No problem - main thing is to get the word out. I really like the make up of the offensive coaches - young and talented coaching staff. No excuses this year.