New OC

Gibson has resigned, who do you think might be our next OC......a couple names come to mind Snipes Barret and Matt Dunigan or Berry may just handle it himself, what do you guys think.

....Barret might re-surface as our o.c....or Berry COULD do the job...i kinda like the thought of Danny B. as the man...if this were to happen ...we'd sure have fun with the Regina games this year... :lol: :lol:

anyone would do us good but i think Dunigan would do the best because he's been in this football organization and know what the fans like and he has won a GC as a QB so he'd help out Glenn alot i think

Dunigan or Barrett would both be good choices I should think.

i like barret or berry just taking over. im fine with either one. id love dunnigan as a QB coach. matt as an oc puts me out of my comfort zone a little

Matt Dunigan would be a good choice he did some good things for Calgary's offense with a crappy ownership. The reason Dunigan failed is he had to start the owners son and had way too many duties to perform. Otherwise he ran not a bad offensive scheme even with a QB that could not throw 20 yards down field. The players all enjoyed playing his game plan. Matt as a head coach no but OC is not a bad idea. But Taman and Berry will do the wrong thing and find someone unknown to the CFL. Danny Barrett well thats see 7 years and no better then 3rd place. Hmmm.

Matt Dunigan would be my choice. I'am not so sure about Barrett but he'd be an improvement over Gibson! Gibson won't be missed!!!

Dunigan was discussed when the Edm OC job was open, and he indicated at the time that he would take no less than a HC job in the CFL. Probably cause it would have to be a pretty sweet package to take him away from the booth