New nickname ideas for Borehamgirl, 2010 edition


Now that Jamie Boreham has been acquired by the Dinghy of Despair, it is time to offer Borehamgirl with nickname options if she wants to jettison the flotsam. LOL

Choices? Here are two:

Ozziegirl (thank you Ockham!)

DeAngelSIS (bows LOL)

Please suggest you ideas! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


How about accolades to the man who brought us out of despair and mediocrity..


LMAO at your sig, HTD!!

They never stop providing material, do they? LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

LOL.. Thx Russ.. I got lots.. GlueBag Jimmy is a sig quote feeder!!

Borehamsucksgirl. 8)

"AKT" :wink:


Although it would p--- her off I have no idea where that came from safety

She must be ----------- if she sticks with the bum girl

Nope, thankfully there's only one of those

Thanks, Russ. I've had a few suggestions here at home and have been giving it some thought.

I appreciate the suggestions from those of you that I like :lol:

Stay tuned and keep the suggestions coming. :smiley:

Rwabukambagirl has a nice ring to it.

It might if I could say it lol

could always call yourself "why would the riders trade 1 and 8 and borehamn for a guy they could have picked at 2" girl.

I’m going to miss “borehamgirl,” but if this moniker is now passe, how about “Tabbygal?”

Other suggestions: Tigerlady ?
Tigerwoman ?

Ultimately BG, the choice is yours but whatever handle you choose, we’ll all be watching for
your football insight here. Its a pleasure to read your submissions.

She mentioned in another thread that she wouldn't want to name herself after a player again.

But I don't think you could go wrong by naming yourself after a player who played here before and will always be considered a Tiger-Cat. So I think "EarlGirl" could be a good one, and if she chooses that, then praise be her name. :slight_smile:

Brucebabe? heh jp

how about


after lumsden.

Where can I find a woman like that? :lol:

So THAT's why you're lookin' in the mirror all the time...

Then CATWOMAN might be a good choice. It says it like she is, would never have to be changed again and,for those of us who've yet to meet her, we can just picture Halle Berry while we read her posts. Works for me.