New nickname for Tim Hortons field

A lot of stadiums have nicknames ex GM place is called the Garage BC Place is called the Dome, Moose Jaw warriors play in the Crushed Can ( my favourite ) what nickname can we give Tim Hortons field ? My choice would be “The a Coffee shop” feel free to come up with your own or add any of your favourites to the list .

A lot of people have made this comment already, the most commonly accepted one is "The Coffee Grounds"

Sorry didn't see it.

I hate to tell you, but the "Crushed Can" has been demolished, the Warriors new home is called Mosaic Place, not to be confused with Mosaic Stadium.... the new rink has been open for 3 years now... there are plans for a strip mall where the Crushed Can used to be... right now its pretty much an empty lot...

I new they were going to replace it but didn't think that they had already done that. Thanks.

How about we call Tim Hortons Field the "Double-Double."

Double the cost and double the wait. :twisted:

Ah rhymes, I see you're jealous there of our beautiful outdoor stadium about to open in a short while. :wink:




... and the Labour Day/Inaugural game should be the 'Soup In A Bread Bowl'!

Of TD Place in Ottawa, yes. Guilty as charged. :wink:

In deference to Ivor Wynne Stadium how about 'Roll Up the Rim to Wynne' Stadium.

And Double-Double doesn't work because it is not double the budget - it is still on the $140 million budget (supposedly).

the Pregnant field. because it's late :lol:

INTL Field (It's Never Too Late) :wink:

how about The Litter Box

Every Tim's I go to, I get someone who has a distinctive accent... I wonder if they will be the ticket takers lol... someone mentioned roll up the rim to win... but maybe it should be called.... Sorry, please play again in a big yellow background

I knew they replaced it, but didn't know it was on a new location. Where did they move it and why a strip mall in place of the crushed can, it's in the main mall parking lot? I may be a little behind the time since I haven't lived there since '97.

I'm sure someone will come up with a nickname for it, as long as it isn't that moronic twit Black, but what I want to know is if Gable breaks a big play or kick return will they call it a "Timmy's run"? 8)

Here is the url for the new rink:

The strip mall is going where the CC once stood... the mall is suing the new developers to stop the strip mall from being built... the T&C mall is just a shadow of it once was... sad, really.

That sucks the old building had lots of character too bad the sight lines were not the greatest.

As long as the Cats don't play like Timbits ...