New nick starting tomorrow

You can't get rid of me that easily :wink:

Maybe you should try and get yourself a Safeway card too. :lol: :lol: :lol:

omg, was that a pain in the butt.
thought id have to create a new handle. :roll:

Did I...

I actually have a Safeway card, since that chain is also in California.

What a MAJOR PITA this who new account thing turned out to be.

I made a new account, with a new nickname as instructed in the stickied post. My old one (the one I'm currently posting under) was disabled. Then I couldn't log into the forum with EITHER account. I could log into the CFL network with my new nickname, but that's all I could do. The forum didn't recognize my new handle. I didn't want to link the two, but I was forced to whether I like it or not /sigh

So I'm stuck using my REAL name. THANKS

Now I have a useless account with my new nickname.

I got confused... I have a different sign-in name now, but my posts remain the same...

Yeah this whole exercise appears to have been completely ridiculous.

Ya I had such a run around trying to figure out how this would work and the worst part is that it results in a net loss of being always signed in when I come to this site. It is really annoying to have to sign in every single time I come here

At least I'm not the only one, I thought I had been banned for something when I was trying to login.

I'm pretty sure the auto-signin will be fixed soon enough.

except these are the kind of details you take care of before you implement. Its not like its a new concept

Are you basing that on all the other improvements they've made around here?

How come some stoner can fire up a UBB board from his basement, on a budget of whatever he finds in his couch, and it works way better/faster/intuitively than anything the high-priced talent here (or any "official" board) can come up with?

I was signed in automatically just now. Not sure why though, since I haven't signed in on this machine since yesterday.