New NHL Team In Hamilton No Threat To Ticats

Why? Who's trying to buy a team and move them to Winnipeg?

Balsillie is the only person with any money who wants to relocate an NHL team, and he has his eye fixed firmly on Hamilton. Either the Coyotes will move to Hamilton, or they will die in the desert.

As far as a "new" team -- that is, an expansion team -- that's not going to happen for a long, long time. And Winnipeg would be lower on the NHL's list of potential sites than Hamilton is.

If the bankruptcy judge had more time, the outcome might have been different.
Balsillie has destroyed any support he had within the NHL BoG with his attempt to go around them to buy the Coyotes. Unless they have absolutely no choice, they will not let him into the league now.
As for Hamilton, it will probably be up to someone else to come forward to lead their efforts to get a NHL team.