New NHL Team In Hamilton No Threat To Ticats

I can't see this new NHL team having any impact on Ticats ticket sales. We're talking apples and oranges here. Football in the summer and fall, hockey in the winter and spring. Totally differnet games and seasons. Plus ticket prices are no comparison either. People who like football will continue to go to football games. The CFL has gone head to head with the NHL in every major city in Canada and prospered. It will be no different in Hamilton. Although a new stadium for the Ticats wouldn't hurt

why would it? totally separate sport, it's not competition for the CFL.

Who said it would?

Good thread.

It would take attention away from the Ticats, with them not being the only sport in town anymore…

The TiCats will definitely be 2nd page material behind any NHL team that did come to Hamilton, at least far more than now with NHL vs TiCats for sports page coverage. Just the way it will be but really, big deal.

I disagree EArl. The Ticats play in the summer and fall. The NHL is mainly in the fall, winter and spring. YOu're telling me in September when the Ticats play the game wouldn't be on the front page of the sports section? And if the Ticats win a playoff game it wouldn't be on the front page? I can see sports like baseball and basketball getting shoved further into the last few pages, but I doubt Ticats would be too adversely affected. In fact I think a team in another great Canadian sport helps them.

Just saying more often than now berezin, not all the time of course. Agree that in many ways, an NHL team would help the TiCats but really moreso the image of Hamilton in some Canadians minds which in turn helps the Cats ie. TV images of an NHL game at Copps in the downtown will show Hamilton positively picture-wise.

I think attendance would actually rise at Cat games.

Look at the situation in Buffalo. The Sabres are the hottest ticket in town. Everyone wants in on the excitement. Problem is, there are no tickets available for the Sabres and you would have to commit to 41 games at least with the Sabres.

This is why the Bills season ticket base is higher than it has ever been. Even bigger than the Super Bowl years.

Fans like the atmosphere at the Sabres games and they want more of it. Well, Buffalo also has the Bills and they are seeing a huge increase in ticket sales. The Bills aren't even that good.

I can see this happening in Hamilton but I also see cross promotions between the 2 organizations.

I think that the major issue is one of sponsorship revenues. If you are a low- to mid-level company, with a small sum to spend on advertising, do you spend it on the Ti-Cats or the NHL franchise? Both (arguably) have the same demographic, but one has broader marketing and exposure opportunities. Do you entertain out of town clients at Ivor Wynne or Copps? What would they rather see? When I lived in Winnipeg, the Blue Bombers became the poor cousins of the Jets (of course that was partly a function of the local economy - Winnipeg has far less surrounding population and low- to mid-level businesses than a team anywhere in the Golden Horseshoe). I worry that if the Jets (or any NHL team) ever returned to Winnipeg, the same will occur all over again. I am not 100% sure, but it may be detrimental to the Tiger-Cats as well if the NHL comes to town.

The Als-Concorde-Als struggled for years while the forum was full every night. It’s no coincidence the Rough Riders started to falter once the Senators came to town and the Bombers were on the verge of bankruptcy around the same time the Jets left. The Argos, Lions and Stampeders all had financial and fan-based woes, but their respective NHL team arenas were full for a forty-one game home schedule. We are a hockey based nation. Most sports fans would choose the NHL over the CFL. That’s just the way it is. Personally, I wouldn’t go to an NHL game if they were playing in my backyard, the CFL is no. 1 with me. So , we haven’t gone head to head with the NHL and prospered,we struggled and lost franchises. Edmonton is the only city that has both leagues and never seems to have fan apathy, maybe we should study their approach and learn what works. I’ve always worried about a hockey team in Hamilton, the Ti-cats have had enough problems over the years. I’d hate to see a storied team go the way Ottawa has.

A few of us were invited to have lunch with Mark Cohon on Friday. This topic came up. The league is not worried about the NHL, partly due to the non-overlapping sched. Also, Jim Balsillie has been in contact with the CFL and is a firm supporter. He has also been in contact with Bob Young about this.

I don't know if anyone has noticed this but the colour scheme for the Make It Seven website is Black and Gold, suggesting that perhaps Jim is leaning towards naming the team Tigers. I wonder if this will only confuse things or help the Cats with cross promotion.

Hey, I'm all for it to be honest.

A NHL Team in Hamilton may Cause the End of CFL football in Tigertown IMO
As we All know The Entertainment dollars are harder to come buy with a Major Steel Mill closed.
So People now Maybe only going to Pick one team to buy Tickets too IMO
Since the NHL will be new game in Town it will hot Ticket and this cause Season ticket Sales in Hamilton to fall.

I am Jim from Rim Fails for tigercats Sake.

I don't think an NHL team will make that much of a difference. For small to medium sized companies, they wouldn't be able to afford to sponsor Balsillie's team anyways, the big boys like Labatt's or Home Hardware would price them out. Would DeLuca roofing sponsor the NHL team? Probably not. Also a lot of the tickets will end up being sold to non-Hamiltonians, who probably never would have considered buying a Ticat ticket anyways.

The only threat an NHL team would have if thy beat the Ti-cats in a football game!

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Sorry gang, couldn't resist that one. Ti-cats will be better this year!

Agree juergen.

No threat at all to the Cats, as the average fan will definitely not be able to afford the new team if it comes.
So far the best article I have read on the greed of MLSE and what this will do to the Ballsille plan.

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It's a non issue anyway.

There won't be new NHL team in Hamilton in the forseeable future.

Any NHL team coming to Canada will got to Winnipeg.