The Cats have brought in McCants for a look. From what I remember of him, he is tall, fast and has decent hands. I presume they are hoping he is the "long threat" we have been looking for. It may be possible by next week that our starting Wide Receivers may be McCANTS and Tyron Anderson. I personally think this would be an upgrade. Here is the blurb from the spec. (bottom)

OH YA, and he's quite the singer...check this out...priceless!!



McCan't can when nobody can. :wink:

Sound like more of a Player then Football Player.
But He is here to try out so we will see.
Maybe he is good ..

wow i have been saying and have heard other people saying.... put karikari at safety

well they are doing it

so i am happy

hopefully we can get sumtin for wayne shaw but i dont think we will

I think this is a pretty solid pick up for the Ticats. He has a good pedigree coming from the NFL and US College ranks, and should be a big play receiver this team desperately needs. A good combination of size and speed for Timmy and Jason.

Maybe McCants getting pushed out of the NFL will provide him with the fire to take his game up a level.

  • paul

this guy had some decent seasons in washington, he has also has a rap career and dates vivica a. fox.

With all these receivers coming and going it's no wonder this team is looking for an identity.

Still playing with the mix demonstrates the need for quality receivers.

Well at least you know he can catch! He caught Vivica A. Fox after all!

  • paul

i like his attitude he said he dont wanna do nothing but play football thats what we need he aint in it for the money hes in it for the game.

Oh Gawd, please! No more Rappers. :thdn:

I hope McCants can step it up. He is pretty quick and has good hands.

Dose that Mean Vivica is comming here :twisted:
She is a Hottie Deluxe

TheBottomLine wrote:

OH YA, and he's quite the singer...
In fact, Darnerien McCants has a singing performance scheduled on Aug 9/07 at a prestigious jazz supper club in Washington D.C.

That's cool so long as he's not late for the Ticat team plane to Edmonton for the Aug 11/07 game!

What was he doing last year?

Darnerien McCants attended the Philadelphia Eagles' training camp in 2006 and was a late cut. A point of interest is that McCants and Timmy Chang were released by the Eagles on the same day.

Hopefully that's a good thing. Maybe they could become the next Fluite/McManus. Ok I'm dreaming a bit but you never know.

It seems that Darnerien McCants is making football his number one priority for the time being. His scheduled singing performance at the Blues Alley jazz club in Washington on Aug 9/07 has been removed from their online calendar of events.