New NFL TV deals go up 60% (up to 7 billion per season)

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The NFL now gets about $4.3 billion in rights fees from national media. But with the new deals, including the $1.8 billion annually from ESPN's recent renewal through the 2021 season, total rights fees could come close to an estimated $7 billion.

Hey the CFL deal will probably go up 60 percent to 24 million...haha..... 7 billion vs 24 million.... The gap in 71 was 1.2 for the CFL and 40 million for the NFL... So we went from getting 1/30th of what the NFL gets to 1/300th of what the NFL gets... Looking at that... it's hard to believe that we can still pay ourstar players more then they pay their Pracactise roster guys really.

As posted in another thread, here's the rationale behind this incredible numbers:


There is no rational for this obscene amount of money.
Meanwhile our CFL deal must be close to $50M annually!

I guess it puts the NHL back a few places, at least the NFL is football though, I'd be very concerned if the NFL wasn't as successful as it is on TV.

Hey Cathal Kelly, and to think the NFL can get this money without a team in Toronto. :smiley:

why would you be concerned .. most teams have a great fan base and put butts in the seats ..

but just think how much those people in Toronto watching the NFL games have helped out their deals :wink: and the people in Hamilton oh and your favorite place London (yes i know for a fact lots of people in London watch NFL games on TV)

Not putting down the NHL as a league at all or hockey, enjoy watching, just more a slap to Bettman about his expansion plans down south to get the big TV deal he wanted that would rival an NFL deal.

Hmm, it would be interesting to know to what extent the Canadian NFL TV viewership contributed to this latest deal for the NFL. :?

dawg, London, Ont. isn't my favourite place, just the town I was born and raised in and still has a soft spot in my heart I will admit. For what that is worth. :wink:

you still a Londoner Earl?

No tangle, Hamilton is my home now and where I work. Tried to get a job in London a couple times but never worked out - thankfully. :wink: Hamilton has London beat in many ways although London does have some real appeal as well but as a hiker, Hamilton area is great and if I was a cyclist, I'd be saying the same thing.

well, glad to have you on board the Hamilton train Earl. :thup:

and yes, Hamilton certainly has some pleasant hiking trails (of which my protruding belly constantly tells me to use more often)