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Thought this was mildly interesting, especially on the day of an Argos game, since, whenever the topic of bad behaviour at the stadium comes up, posters write lovingly about "anything goes" NFL games. Looks like that's not the case anymore, if it ever was.

Notice especially this prohibited behaviour: "Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans". Verbal? :? Harsh. I guess Mr. Young was ahead of his time in banning The Chant.

Now if the NFL would only add a special rule for Canadian NFL fans that prohibits them from acting superior to the fans of other leagues :wink:

This is just my opinion, but I think the only reason the NFL has introduced this "code of conduct" is so that if there is some altercation between fans, they have a written code to cover their "behinds" in a legal sense.

I would be shocked if they actually enforced fans to change their behaviour. They would have a riot on their hands.

  • paul

section, love your statements about Mr. Young and ahead of his time. Yes, Bob was ahead of his time in this respect for sure. Now we just need him to get ahead of the east division during his time, that would be very nice. :wink:

Now section, you know fans that hate the CFL are superior to those of us who love our league. Of course, I won't say in which way they are superior, I'll leave that up to your imagination. :wink:

I'm pretty certain you're right that the NFL is largely motivated by protecting themselves from legal liability in the case of a major incident.

However, a league policy puts extra pressure on the clubs to enforce it at some level. If there is a major incident, the NFL can now point to their policy as proof that they were proactive and are blameless. That leaves the team 100% on the hook.

Obviously no one will enforce this too strictly, but it gives the teams a weapon in dealing with really bad behaviour - they can just tell their fans that they'd love to allow allow drunks to beat up old ladies but the league won't let them.

An applaudable step by the NFL. It goes to show not everyone in the stadium feels the need to over-drink, swear, taunt other paying spectators, etc. Of course, a football game isn't the ballet, yet a certain standard of conduct is to be expected.