New NFL contract- practice roster increase in numbers and dollars

Some changes that may affect the availability of good players

  • Practice squads expanded from 10 to 12 players in 2020-2021, then to 14 players starting in 2022 (including between two and four players with unlimited accrued seasons per team)
  • Active game-day rosters increased from 46 to 48 players
  • Practice-squad salaries are going up -- the minimum salary is $8,000 per week in the current CBA, and it will rise to $11,500 by 2022 -- and those players will be eligible for 401(k) and tuition assistance benefits. Therefore a player who remains on the practice roster for an entire season would earn roughly 200, 000 (US)
  • 128 new practice roster positions earning 200 K per year

This is definitely going to drain away a decent chunk of the talent pool available for the CFL.