New Navigation Menu

The new navigation menu has some new features and user customization and configuration you can do for yourself. if you haven’t noticed already, the hamburger icon button is now over on the left side of the CFL logo, and that is where the menu slides out.

Collapsing / Expanding

the navigation menu in desktop view now stays expanded or collapsed. you can also collapse and expand the individual sections by clicking the section headers with the little down arrows (ie: Links, Categories, Messages, etc.).


you can add/ subtract from the categories section so you only have the ones you want there. just click the pencil icon and it will take you to your sidebar menu preferences where you can select or remove them from the list.

Your Own Links

to create a new section for your own links, click/tap the + sign at the bottom next to the mobile/ desktop icon.

you will get this pop up screen to configure.

i have included some link examples in the screenshot above to show you how to do it. to link to a forum category or topic, simply copy and past it’s URL address into the text box labeled as “Link”. there are a list of default icons you can choose from when you type into the icon field. i will try to add the football icon when i can. the menu will then look like this.

unfortunately, at this time, there is no setting yet to allow the link to open into a new tab or window (but that is coming).


to change your interface themes, they are now in a selector at the bottom of the menu along with the mobile/desktop view and keyboard shortcuts icons:

Private Messages

The new navigation menu includes a link to your pm inbox, and also you can start a new private message by click/tapping the + icon:


Looks cleaner, easy to follow.

There’s one glitch already. On desktop or laptop view on Chrome, the default scrolling is in the middle of the vertical scroll bar.

This means that after you sign into the forum, you see nothing but black space until you scroll down unlike before when everything was right there immediately ready to go.

I am not a fan though the rest looks better.


hmmm that seems weird. i’m not sure i know what you mean. i’ll see if i can reproduce.

Essentially this will be a problem, for some signing into the forum won’t think to scroll down because it’s not natural when you sign into any site. I only noticed by accident in fact and thought that “wow, go figure, now the forum is down.”

The top banner should be there by default with NO SCROLLING.

And so many complaints will be at hand due to the misunderstanding.

i don’t know what you mean. i went and logged out. closed brower. opened again and went the the main categories page as an anonymous user. i logged in as before and there was no difference to how it loaded before. no black screen or scrolling. i’m not sure what you mean. can you provide a screen photo?

When I am back home, I will see if the issue is the same after I sign into my screen on a Chromebook.

If not, then I will take it up on the next occasion from a work PC that runs Windows to see what is still the case or not.

The picture would simply be a dark screen under the navigation bar on Chrome at the top.

Now I notice one has to scroll down on the vertical bar about one quarter of the way down for the usual CFL banner to display, which it has always done by default at the top without any action ever since I have used the forum.

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I have the same issue as Paolo on my PC

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hmmm :thinking: what theme are you guys using?

i’m on a windows desktop in chrome as well.

Me Too!

what scroll bar are you guys talking about? i need a screen shot of the issue.

It is the vertical scroll bar on a screen for any PC browser or window that is on the right.

There may be a simple fix for what inexplicably is screwed up for no known reason.

It appears the default view of the forum is now set to bottom justified as opposed to the default at the top. Perhaps this is only a Windows issue?

If there’s more to it, we will find out.

Not sure I know what you mean by theme but I am using Edge

I also use page down. Takes 3 hits to get there

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weird. i’m on a windows laptop, not a new one, running chrome. i’ve logged in and out in all the themes (light, dark, football) and it always defaults to the top of the page with no scrolling. my ipad is the same. i have even scrolled down the the bottom before logging in and it goes to the top when it loads. i don’t have to scroll at all until i come into a topic.

2 hits here

someone take a screen photo of what i looks like

I dont know how to do that but it is just black.

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what is? i don’t see that. telling me it’s black isn’t helping. show me what is black.

What a pain in the ass.