New Navigation Menu

edit: i have added a topic on how to configure the Navigation (hamburger) menu

as you guys can see, the old legacy hamburger menu has now been replaced by a new navigation menu with the same icon at top right beside your avatar. i have made it drop down in the same place even though there is the option to have it expand and collapse on the left side. in desktop view the icon is on the other side at the moment beside the CFL logo and the menu slide collapses from the left now. in the mobile view is similar to the old where it drops down on the right. i can make the desktop behave the same way as the old menu and go back to the right if you guys want. i prefer the left side on desktop like it is now myself, but i’ll let you guys decide.

the pencil icons on the menu mean you can add or remove your own stuff to that part. clicking the pencil icon will take you to a new section in your preferences called “sidebar” where you can edit the contents of the menu. the 3 dots ellipses icon near the top of the menu means there are more options there.

the links for keyboard shortcuts and mobile /desktop view are at the bottom as icons.

let me know if you have question or suggestions.

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sorry if things are moving around, i’m just adjusting settings and it loads them on the fly. if somethings looks off with the header just reload the site.


Okay. Keep up the… (I wanna say ‘good work’).

Not much has been changed or upgraded on these forums over the time that I’ve been here (a mere two plus years). You might be the first person who’s done ANYTHING to upgrade this old wreck. It can’t be easy dealing with other techs’ abandoned engineering.

If you make a mistake or two I promise to not jump down your throat. I’ll leave the harsh and unhinged criticism to Stampederfan (who may or may not be active these days).

Keep doing what you’re doing! :smiley: :+1:

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Is it possible to reorder/customize this menu? Two of the three drop downs under the community heading I never use so it would be easier if I could put the three I use in there so I don’t have to scroll down every time.

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i’m actually going to change that part of the menu to be more intuitive for us. i need to write some code. i hear you and agree. :+1: i have to customize that part, like get the FAQ out of there too. there are plans from the vendor to improve that part of the menu to be more easily changeable like the rest of it.

it has a huge amount of customization options and i’ve tried to make it look and behave as much like the old as possible.


Ooo. I just toggled ‘Football Dark’ mode. That’s much easier on the eyes. :partying_face:

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I prefer the football light. I’m trying to lose weight.

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yea there are four themes to choose from at this time - dark and light basic, and dark and light football. i will add more eventually

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i added a topic to show how to configure the new menu.

closing this one.