New Name for Western Seperatist Country

Okay, looks like the population in the East will once again elect a Liberal Minority. Years ago Western Seperation was laughed at, but now I hear more and more of it on the radio talk shows. So when Alberta and BC pick up their marbles and leave, what will be the new name of the Western Country? The BC people think highly of Klein and the way Alberta has been run. When BC seperates with Alberta, we will give Vancouver Island to the Socialists to run on their own.

So, For my fellow Albertans and BC’ers, Name your new country!

Feel free to offer your own name suggestion…I’m sure the magic of the moderators could add it to the poll! :wink:

how bout...diaper country.

Considering the way the Governments steal our tax dollars and we get little in return, thats probably what we should be called now!

when those provinces are young and starting out, they get tons of help from the federal government...which gets a good chunk of its money from taxing eastern canada ( cuz of our population ) it gives OUR tax dollars to the west to help u get on your feet so u can generate your own businesses....

now your makin money on your own and want to leave us....


in any family, theres gonna be squables or disagreements...but u dont go change your last name and never talk to them again....which is what seperation is...its turning your back on your family.

all of us together is better and stronger than all of us seperatly.

That will never know what you can call your new country....
Call it the land of dreams, or Nevergoingtobeville..

We feel neglected, we have no say!

You see thats the trouble, Westerners and Easteners think so differently when it comes to politics. I have friends back East, and we argue for hours over various points. Same points the other topic has 12 pages on. We have different priorities and thoughts.

I used to be critical of Quebecers who trumpet the seperatist movement their. Now I understand their frustration.

start breeding so u have a higher population.

we feel ignored by the government, but we blame the government.
when anyone else feels ignored, they blame ontario.

if this country was made of of 100 people....and 49 in the east, and 51 in the west....

say 49 easterners vote liberal...well the west COULD still put 51 votes conservative...BUT THEY DONT....they split thier 51 votes 31 conservative, and 20 we get :
Liberal 49
Conservative 31
NDP 20

if you'd put ALL your votes behind ONE party, you'd get a different outcome.

......western Canada exploration and settlement was primarily set forth to prevent BC from seceding and joining the US, threatening 'Upper and Lower Canada' to losing access to vast fortunes of natural resources......don't give me a song and dance that the powers that were in Ottawa at the time did it for the good of those pioneers who chose to strike out west to find their calling......

in any family, theres gonna be squables or disagreements...but u dont go change your last name and never talk to them again....which is what seperation is...its turning your back on your family.

all of us together is better and stronger than all of us seperatly.
I agree on your last line, but how do we change things for the better, when Easterners think they are right and Westerners think they are right. We argue, we compare, and nothing gets changed or done efficiently.

so u deny the federal government helped the western provinces in any way? my statement and decide for yourself.....

im waiting for your reply...if u dont got one, then fine.

.......of course federal funds were spent to assist in the development of the west, was it benevolent contribution, or a way for Ottawa to ensure it's survival against American expansionism?.......could be both.....

who cares...eastern tax dollars went out to the west....thats all im saying...the west didnt do it on thier own.

this country isnt about 'doin it on your own'...weve all helped eachother and it will continue.

if you'd all rally behind ONE party, your'd have a louder voice in parlement, rather than 2 small voices.

i think im gonna vote conservative just to shut u people up....give the baby its bottle.

;;;;if the squabbling between the different factions of this country don't stop....and it results in a fractured country....the Americans will be in here in a flash.....cherry-picking anything and everything....c'mon guys this country CANADA has to stay united....cuz divided you fall...and the fall ain't gonna be very pretty.... :shock: for your conscience........

im undecided....but if it means so much to the west, then i'll vote conservative just for u.

maybe if 100% of the wests population picked ONE party then actually took the time to vote for that party....u'd get more power in ottawa.

but lets face it...unfortunatly most people DONT VOTE and thoose are the ones who whine about a lack of change.

i think, if the conservatives had anyone OTHER THAN HARPER as a leader...the east would vote conservative in a flash...but we DONT TRUST HIM...we think he'll do anything Bush wants ( like when harper wanted us in iraq )....atleast i know the liberals stand up to Bush.

so it becomes: the devil we know, rather than the devil we dont.

but i'll vote harper just for u, redandwhite...i dont care if we become the 51st state...just so the west can say they won something.

What kinda Bull**** is this! Canada will stay united!

how abou when just change the name of BC to Cascadia (they got my vote above).

then, we reform the constitution to let Quebec have it's Autonomy, and create an Autonomous State of Anea (sorry, name is a work in progress), which consists of the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Cascadia (BC), Yukon, and whatever name the NWT takes on (each with there own provincial governments). with the Anea parliament reformed to represent the provinces (which by the sound of things, would be controlled by the conservatives) and people (which would be controlled by the Liberals) and combined would make a majority party (in this case a conservative government would rule in Anea, a Liberail on the federal level)

more to come.

U guys can say "KK, you don't understand" or "KK, mind your own bees wax" 'but for god's sake, lisson too what I have to say!

In the west.The only ones that are really complaining is the FARMERS!!!
Cry me a fliipin river.
I don’t really care who gets in.It won’t change anything over here in the west.
You will still hear those cry baby farmers!!