New Name for BC Place

I hope that after the new roof is in place the owners rename the stadium. I personally think Bobby Ackles Stadium is the best choice. Terry Fox would be good, but so many institutions have used his name throughout BC. Giving it a worthy name personalizes it and associates it with someone whose life typified the spirit of competition and grit determiniation that the fans desire to see form their atheletes, whether that be the Lions, the Whitecaps, or amature sports that utilize the field. What do you guys think?

I'm with you all the way! Having the stadium named after Bobby Ackles would certainly honor the man for his prominent role. Although no doubt others would shorten it to "Ackles Stadium" which doesn't have the greatest ring to it. I would not want to see it called the Terry Fox Stadium although I can see why some might. There is already a memorial dedicated to his memory outside the stadium.

Whatever they decide I do hope they dump "B.C. Place". I've never liked that name.

One thing that concerns me if they do rename the stadium is sponsorship....

Kraft Cheeze Whiz Toyota Prius Bob Ackles Stadium

This trend in sports today is terrible. It's bad enough that they mention Wendy's every 30 seconds on TSN's Friday Night Football.

The stadium will be re-named sometime after the renovations are completed. However it will have a corporate name, not be named after anyone

I always thought it should be re-named to honor Ackles (Terry Fox would be a good choice too), but Mark is right the stadium will likely be named after a corporate sponsor.

Maybe they'll do [Company name] Stadium @ Bob Ackles Field or something.

The naming rights could sell for hundreds of millions on a long-term deal to a corporate client... and considering it cost $450 million in tax payer money to do everything they need to make some of that money back.

I would like the pattison dome.

You got that right. Sports is saturated with advertising. There are those who say it has to be that way to pay the bills blah blah. I don't agree. It is all about free enterprise and greed. I loathe seeing those stupid advertisements that line the field that the players are constantly running over. We even have to put up with commercials on the big screen. I pay for tickets to see a game- not to watch a bunch of advertising where the game is becoming an incidental and if I'm lucky I get to see it "between" all of the crapo advertising. Ever listen to the game on the radio? It's " The Lions are down to the Chevrolet zone" or " That's another Speedy Muffler 1st down". Eventually it will be, " He kicks a 48 yard Wendy's field goal" or " Printers drops back in the McCains pocket" or " Simon is down to the ReMax three yard line. He covered a lot of real estate with that catch"

The greater the fan base and spectator audience the more sponsorships are willing to pay to have their brand on display. After all millions get to see their brand name for 3 solid hours. Quite frankly I'm sick and tired of it.

I used to like going to the movies. At least it wasn't like watching TV. Now they even have commercials there! And we still pay top dollar!

When I attend a football game I go to see football not to attend an advertising sponsorship convention! I only see it getting worse. Players will be wearing more logos on the jerseys and there will be more advertising on the playing surface.

Even in the States when people tune in on the Super Bowl it's not for the football but for the Budweiser commercials!

Well if they can get 'hundreds of millions' then I say go for it. However $2 million/100 years is probably what they're going to sell the rights for. Not exactly paying off the project.

Rofl! You should definitely be working for TEAM/TSN selling this stuff.

MTS Center in Winnipeg got $7 million over 9 years... and that's a 15,000 seat hockey arena.

Rates Per Year for various stadiums/arenas:

[url=] ... adiumnames[/url]

Reliant Stadium at $10million per is close to what they're probably looking at. It's going to be one of the best stadiums in North America when it's done... also consider the fact that there will be a massive casino and entertainment district attached and around it in only a few years.

It would be nowhere near only $2 million and would be in the range of a 20-30 year deal worth hundreds... not just football but lots of concerts and other things that are going be there and it's right in the core of Vancouver.

Who knows IK17, you could be right. As long as there is a sponsor that is willing to fork out the dough. General Motors probably paid a great deal to have its name sake on the home of the Canucks. But who calls it GM Place or even General Motors Place. Everyone calls it " The Garage". lol

General Motors I'm sure was hoping that the added revenue generated with this kind of advertising would go along way. Guess it didn't. They still needed a bail out package deal.

The more I think about it, the more I like " The Bobby Ackles Stadium" It has a wholesome personal feel about it. The B.C. Place name was sterile and reminds me too much of big government.

With all the grow ops in Vancouver they should call it ‘’ THE BONG’’ :cowboy: :cowboy: .

dude its bc place with a glass retractable roof and new like colors or seating.

trust me its not even close to texas stadium or the giants new stadium or whatever else.. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

ur out to lunch if you think someone is gonna pay 10 million per year for the naming rights to a CANADIAN stadium. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. theres a reason america is in a recession and canada is not doing too badly at all..

ITS CALLED, NOONE IS STUPID HERE TO WASTE millions and millions a year for naming rights to a sports facility.

step back, i know van city is close to washington state but... YOU'RE STILL IN CANADA.

The naming rights are based on exposure of the name in media and to spectators, which is only marginally related to seating capacity. Under the current economic climate, I would expect in the range of $1 - $2M a year at most.

Id like to see it remain BC Place or at the most maybe something in front of it like Kokanee BC Place.