New Movie Featuring Maas and Printers!

There's a new movie coming out featuring Jason Maas and Casey Printers. It's of the "buddy movie" variety and will be a comedy. The title?

"Dude, where's my receiver?"

There's already talks of a sitcom as well. Titled Two and a Half Wins.

Rofl pretty funny but Maas never wanted to be here and Printers was an ego trip, who couldn't pass, couldn't hang onto the ball and couldn't stay off the injured list.

Guys, that's pretty cheap. Grow up a little, ok?

Relax and stop taking minor things like this so seriously. There's a lot worse going on in the world... so if you want to be a Crusaider pick something else to fight for.

The first post in this thread somewhat suggests that Maas and Printers were both unsuccessful in Hamilton because they had no competent receivers to throw to. While that may be true to an extent, both Maas and Printers completely underperformed as leaders and as QB's.

They were both just in it for the money, and it showed in their poor performances on the field.

I kind of thought that that is what the title insinuated (sp?) but the title is/was supposed to be about how neither of those QB's could find their recievers.

Do not forget_ throw into coverage Rosenbach :twisted:

I find this a funny discussion and pretty clever. No different than the ribbing Mike O'Shea and other former Ticats have taken over the years.

Relax a little and smile. It's not like there is a whole lotta other stuff to discuss right now.

-deerhunter- :smiley:

Remake of " Dumb and Dumder"

Here are some other possible titles for movies...

  • How to lose a game in 10 plays.

  • Nightmare on Balsam Ave.

  • Hamilton Spaghetti-Arm Maas-acre.

  • The Whole 5 Yards.

  • Friday Night Plight.

  • MVP: Most Valueless Players.

  • Mystery, Quarterbacks.

  • The Bourne Interception.

ROFL! The Bourne Interception :stuck_out_tongue:

I said it before and I'll say it again it's very simple.
With some of the offensive lines we had in those years those 2 QB'S for the most part were running for their lives on every snap if the had the best QB in the NFL he would have been just as bad.
We'll see this year if we've "got the beef"

Name of the movie should be Dude where's my arm strength

The receivers haven't been great either.

Maas and Printers had their flaws, but I think the most apt titles would be "Village of the damned" or "The Black Hole". Or if you want a more serious metaphor rather than a one liner, compare being a Ticat QB in recent years to the ordeal faced by Gary Cooper's character in "High Noon".

It’s been an issue with everything, first it was the receivers then the QB’s then the secondary then the OL and DL. WE’ll see what new problems arrive this year, if at all.

Man, that's deep..........................great film though; hell of a supporting cast.

How about “The Incredibles”? They could show it on April 1st. :smiley:

massion impassable

How about:

For a fistfull of dollars?

  • QB Do Little.

  • Transformers: Return of the Intercepticons.

  • Superbad 2

  • Hitch (pass)

  • Casey and (can we) Win Again. (this is a stretch on Casey and Finnigan from Mr. Dressup)

Okay, I'm running out of ideas! LOL

ps - this is all in good fun.