New motivation for winning against Sask.

We do have their first round pick, so beating up on them would make their pick more valuable.
For the rest of the season I have 2 new favorite teams.
The Cats, and whoever is playing Saskatchewan!!

Absolutely, blackandgld! They've won on the road before, they can do it again. Let's give our guys a bit of encouragement here. Surely it's just GOT to get better, right? We KNOW they've got it in them! They're more than just a bunch of pretty faces....(and well... they're lovely all over.)

Corey Holmes will be motivated returning to the Prairie barrens of Football. :cowboy:

Yeah they don't get any from the coaches watch the sidelines during the next game..

My motivation is that I would be able to razz some of my favourite Rider fans and win a couple of bets I have going. :smiley:

Migsy and Coach getting on your case tina?


How about poor game = no job!

That should be motivation enough.