New Mosaic

Hey Rider fans,
for those of us who may never get a chance to see the new building, what was the fan experience like?
Really looking forward to seeing how TV presents it on July 1.

Going to be a fantastic place.
pit stops are in and out...1 minute wait tops (I never waited)
drink lines are fast, beer is frigid
2 of the concessions are slow only because they are crazy popular
Sound system needs some tweeking
Board is a nice can't help but look up at it at points because the replays are so big you see it clearly
traffic in and out is fast
motor traffic seemed way better than the old stadium (vastly improved busses might be a part of that)
It was preseason so the "loud" was limited, but the few times it really got going the noise traps way way more than the old stadium
pretty friendly access to the seats via the isles, and the scattered platforms allow cheerleaders to come into the stands in various places for things like the 3rd Q stretch...that was pretty neat actually
South endzone/party zone is going to be crazy popular
Awesome views from the concourse...some of the best in the stadium...that is huge
the bars are popular
Loge seating is wonderfully set up.

all in all, it is looking great.

A few kinks to be worked on: having enough change at the beer booths, volume on some of the Ads / promotions needs to be tweaked, people learning that if they just walk 30 seconds down an isle - there is another bathroom - and it's probably empty.

All in all, very impressive.

The SaskTel MaxTron is HUGE, crisp and we found ourselves watching it more than the field. 8)

I hear the Riders may be looking at being able to order and pay for your beer / food on an app on your phone. This will help with the lack of change noted above. I hope they also bring in the feature to watch the replays on your phone.

The Wifi / LTE speeds are incredibly fast. FAST.

Can't wait till July 1.

Go Riders Go

For the change, I think they were anticipating more people using Tap....convenient as hell and makes things move fast...but yeah, they underestimated there for sure.

They could use one more 'by the can' beer station somewhere on the north end, as it is all draft. There are 2 spots to get cans, and then 2/3 of the rest of the stadium is draft. If I am grabbing some for me seats I still like the cans or at least one can...I don;t mind draft, but a can just seems more likely to not get spilled. I think they would have a hard time doing that though...because the beer lines were pretty darned short already.

Another thing they have to do at a couple of the concessions is make that weaved lineup (think visit to the bank) as opposed to 8 rows coming straight out...totally killed traffic flow in a couple of was otherwise fantastic.

Some people with 12 people eating up an entire walking space by standing in a huge gab circle in the middle of a concourse right by concessions and jamming things up still need a swift smack to the head...but you can hardly fault a facility for stupid/ignorant.

Overall, very good. A couple of relatively minor things to tweak, such as achieving a consistent PA volume, and some video issues, mostly with one ad board along the sidelines, although I did notice it once on the main screen as well.

The stadium is easy to get around in. Because you can get all the way around inside the stadium, you don’t necessarily have to get in via a specific entrance, as before, which helps with traffic flow. Park & Ride is the best way to go to and from the game. The bus drops you off right at the main door. We parked at the Northgate Mall, so once we got back, we were back on the highway home in moments. The only drawback to the system is I think Regina Transit underestimated the amount of buses that would be required to transport everyone, so there were some minor delays in waiting for the next bus. Better crowd control is required after the game. The lineup for Northgate buses in particular was quite long. Setting up a “rat maze” for the queue to get through would help shorten the lines and help people figure out where to go.

Concession prices are ridiculously expensive, ($5 to $15, a 16 oz draft is $9) but we enjoyed a couple of the new places. The chicken flautas from the Mexican place were good, as was a turkey cranberry sausage on a stick from another vendor.

There really isn’t a bad seat in the house. Noise wasn’t quite the factor it might have otherwise been, but then again, it was a preseason game. I’m looking forward to visiting twice more for sure this season, July 8th and November 4th, and I’ll be going to the GnR concert.

Check out this page on the Regina Leader post site. Basically a story on building the new Mosaic stadium with comments from some of the politicians who were involved in the decision making process.

Love the new digs, but why build a great place and have no parking around new building for fans, the one parking lot that is close want 30 bucks a game... :x 400 for the season, I have a bad leg, the walk kills me. I just don't get it. and we drive over 3 hrs to get there!!

As I said in my previous post in this thread, Park & Ride is the way to go now. Park your vehicle for FREE at whichever of the four malls offering this service is closest to however you get in to Regina, then show your game ticket to the driver for a FREE ride to the stadium. The bus drops you off right outside the main doors. Can't get much shorter of a walk than that! After the game, ride the bus back to your car for FREE, and head home. Did I mention that it's all FREE?

If you're coming in from the North as I do, (from P.A.), it's really the handiest thing. Off the bus, into the vehicle, and back on the highway home in a matter of a few moments!

:thup: :thup: :thup:

This is a complaint I'm tired of. They built where they could get land to build a massive stadium.. if you want it in the city there is simply nowhere to build it as well as add massive amounts of parking.. had they built it outside the city they could have made a giant parking lot as well, but then a lot of people would have bitched about being nowhere near the strip.
The rail yards would have been nice, but the parking situation wouldn't have been a bunch better for people like yourself who can't walk, as most of the parking would be downtown and the streets surrounding the warehous district..
Best thing they could have done parking wise was build a parking garage on the side of the stadium but that would have been another many million dollars.

The reason there isn't better parking, is because it wasn't available without other compromise. So they set up the transit to try to make up for it.
This isn't directed solely at you, I'm just annoyed seeing this comment everywhere. What solution would people like? Where should we have built that would have been better parking-wise in the city?

Location is actually pretty glorious if you are heading out of town north or west as well. If you can walk 3 blocks then getting onto Lewvan/Pasqua is a cinch and traffic flows night and day better than the old stadium.

If one is not willing to walk 3 blocks for whatever reason, then spending 30 minutes in line/bus is not exactly the end of the world as if you didn't get out of the old stadium fast you were in traffic for that anyways. The buses were also likely a little longer than they generally will be in the future as many traffic restrictions because of the fireworks....not like the buses are going to generally be battling something like that

This is also the reality of new stadiums and arenas...they are being built in a fashion that motivate mass transit.

As far as prices on concessions is a sporting is not going to be cheap. State of the art facility means stuff is going to be more expensive. That said, 2 things.....

  • Some people need to experience facilities in other cities if they think NMS is some outrageous price point
  • Some stuff is marked up huge...others, not so much.

good examples...

  • A burger is 8 bux. Was that not close to the same as the old stadium? A loaded up is 10...which is not horrendous. I will also add that I had one of the 10 buck burgers and it was absolutely fantastic. I could not have honestly asked for a better burger.
  • yard of perogies is 16 bux...that is 2 dozen loaded up. Fort most, that is enough for 2-3 people....I find that a not bad deal at all TBH
  • 9 bux for a beer....not cheap...not horrendous comparing to other stadiums. Also, a can is 8....50 cents more than last season.

Yea, man. Going elsewhere makes you appreciate what we have.

The other thing a lot of people don't take into account is if they had built a giant parkade or a huge parking lit for the stadium is how long it takes to get out of those parking lots.
My father and I went to some games in Minneapolis a few years ago. For the college game we parked in this underground parking garage on campus. We were on a lower level and it took us 45 minutes of sitting in a lineup of vehicles, inching forward to get out. Then we still had to drive in bumper to bumper traffic after, and that was only one of many parking garages in the area.

Mosaic clears out pretty good. I've driven my brother to both games and the Bryan Adams concert, and it was super easy getting them to and from.

Well we tried the bus system, from Northgate... we had a close parking spot so short walk to bus, got right on... ok this works. After the game though what a cluster... $%^@. It took us close to 50 mins. just to make it onto a bus. This is fine with a 4:30 start, if this had been a 8pm game... this bus ride would of meant 4 am before we get home. Sorry but this does not work well for us, so looks like I will be walking several blocks if I go to another game. This really was not thought out and there should of been ample parking at the new digs!! For me this plays a major factor if I go to another game this season. My leg just hurts to damn bad to do the walk. a shame really.

My recommendation is that if you are coming from out of town that you drive. Parking 2 blocks away is available for 10 to 15 bucks and we'll worth it...5 minute walk. If you show up 2.5 hours early and tailgate you likely park free. It also puts you on the highway within minutes....way way way faster than old stadium.

Also...if walking is bad you can likely get dropped off and picked up by someone as access to the stadium after the game in that situation is also a breeze. That would entail walking about half a block.

More parking is in the works but not until next year. If you are a season ticket holders and walking is an issue then 300 bucks a year for parking...30 bucks a worth it.

One more note...if walking is an issue you can likely qualify to gain handicap permits by visiting your doctor. Riders will accommodate you from there

So where is this parking lot your referring to? Having not been to Regina in about 5 years and I'm going to be going to the LDC and driving back to PA after the game. I don't want to be stuck for 2 hours trying to get out of Regina and have another 4 hour drive after that so any help on a decent place to park with quick acess to Lewvan would be great. Walking 3-6 blocks is not an issue but don't want to have to walk much further then that.

I had thought of parking at Normanview or Nothgate and catching the bus but again if it takes forever to get back to either mall after the game then that may not be a good idea.

I have used the bus service for the first three games and drove and walked for the last one.
IMHO, taking the transit bus from the Normanview mall to the game everyone is spaced out and the minimal buses are adequate,
With everyone going back to their vehicles at the same time , after the game the lack of transit buses is what makes the return trip unavoidably long, as I have waited up to an hr to get back to my vehicle, not bad with nice weather and if your in town, but to have an 2-1/2 hrs drive home after the game it's not a good thing.

What would the wait be like if it's raining or the weather is freezing cold ?
Does it have to be city transit buses ?
Why can't they supplement the city transit buses with school buses ?
Will it shorten the wait time ?
Try it and let's find out.

by driving , parking and walking from and to my vehicle, I had to walk 3 - 1/2 blocks, after the game I was home in roughly 20 min from the time I got out of the stadium.

Is it possible to park at the Brandt center or anywhere the exhibition grounds? I expect there would be a charge but it would certainly fit the bill as far as being close and right by Lewvan.

Really anything on the north side of Dewdney. There are a few options. Most locals and people doing hotels are taking the bus...because it just makes sense and if you are quick about getting out it should be no more than 20 minutes of wait. I think the buses are working fairly well overall. other locals are parking more to the south because it is immediate access to Sask Drive.

there are a couple spots there, small, that provide parking for a fee...lots of street parking if you are willing to walk 2-3 blocks and are willing to show up2-2.5 hours before kickoff. You get int there and you are insta wait. Like hop in car, turn drive, turn on lewvan...little to no traffic...might be more if you straggle out of the stadium

For me if I am with people that are stragglers I just say "see you at the car in an hour...anyone who wants to come with me feel free" and we hit the rider area...but I understand not everyone has access to there to kill time while things die off.

I have some indoor parking lined up for myslelf.

I dont recall the details on the limited parking… but yes.

Brandt center 30 dollars a game