New Moderator

As the Als forum is now without a moderator, I would like to nominate Richard Veilleux to be our next moderator.

I believe Richard to be eminently suitable for such a role, if he would be willing to take it on. Consider the following:

  1. Richard is extremely knowledgeable about the CFL in general, and the Alouettes in particular;

  2. Richard is fluently bilingual;

  3. Richard is not an arrogant know-it-all who takes personal offence if anyone dares question one of his opinions;

  4. Richard does not engage in misinformation, disinformation, or outright lies;

  5. Richard is not snippy with others, doesn’t flood the forums with repetitive posts, and always has something worthwhile to contribute.


we don’t actually assign moderators to designated forums.


who left the ranks??

So Richard is knowledgeable enough to moderate other team forums also.

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Well that’s a good thing because outside of the Hamilton and Montreal forums the other team forums all have crickets chirping and tumbleweeds blowing through them . Moderating any of those forums would be akin to being the Maytag repairman .


Je n’enlève rien à la qualité de la proposition, mais avons-nous effectivement perdu un modérateur?

Yes, me. I turned in my badge a couple weeks ago. Enjoying the non-moderator life now!


Je vois. Merci!

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So is that thanks for turning it in or thanks for letting me know ?

Well, bobo, if I’m reading things right, I’d expect you and your colleagues in the Hamilton forums would opt for the first interpretation.


No comment on the grounds it might incriminate me . :smiley:


Hard to understand how a non-fan of a team can keep offering advice without having a feel for the team like the actual fans do.


Hope you’ll still be around!


« Bonne retraite de ton rôle de modérateur » et au plaisir de continuer à te lire et échanger comme membre du forum CFL Alouettes Go Als


Histoire de guérir bobo82 de son hilarité un peu déplacée, mon remerciement était pour le fait que D&P ait répondu à la question.

J’espère que ce dernier continuera de contribuer à ce forum, car son jugement est aiguisé et il est capable de porter son regard dans une profondeur que certains n’ont pas, dont je suis. Ceci bénéficie à tous et il est à souhaiter qu’il demeure de la conversation.


I really appreciate this, LeStaf. Thank you. Yeah, I’m still here and I fully intend to keep participating in the conversation. I’m so glad to see many new faces in the past year on our team forum. We’re the second-most active team forum on this site behind Hamilton, and that is something to be proud of.

GO ALS GO! Let’s go get that 9th Cup in 2024. :slight_smile:


It may seem inappropriate to you LeStaf if you aren’t aware of the backstory. Bobo is a Cats fan, and there are quite a lot of Cats fans rather annoyed at a Non-Cat fan flooding their forums.

so when did this happen? got any links? flooded? really?


Just what’s been told to me by Cats fans. Ask them.

oh because they said. so you care about those ticat fans so much now. lols