New Moderator 2.0

This is hilarious. A new Moderator is announced and the post had to get locked down already. Being a Moderator is a kin to herding Cats. Lol

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We can thank Balticfox for that. :roll_eyes:


There are some "recreational arguers" on this site.
By that I mean they will always argue a counterpoint and then take it to an extreme level hoping to "win" or outlast their opponent or until the thread ultimately gets locked.

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The funniest thing was that it was the new moderator himself who locked it down . I guess we can call it his first official act of his new position . :rofl:

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No, there aren't. Never have been. Never will be.


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That's about the same as the flag tossing at "Speedy B" in the Peg

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I can't tell if you;re being sarcastic or not. This place is full of trolls.

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Yes, they will always take the opposite side drag it out for what seems like forever,
And then because they are seasoned vets of arguing
will win because of veteran experience!

No, they just think that they win because they believe that they are the only judge of the "debate".

oh...i know that you know that Ro was in that same argument. DP did a good job of deletions and shutting it down.

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D&P (appropriately named for a mod :P) is probably the best poster on this forum in terms of knowledge and analysis, perhaps the most impartial poster as well. He's one of the few posters around here who won't engage in garbage, states his case and doesn't take crap from the mudslingers.

There are not nearly enough like him around here.

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Yes, but it is not the first time Balticfox has started problems in this forum.

well ultimately his position was correct.

Now you guys are going to get the "New Moderator" thread locked! :roll_eyes:

It's going to be a big first week on the job for D&P! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If I have to delete anymore posts here, warnings and possibly temp bans will be issued. I won't say it twice.

Guess what, Johnny? It was YOU who went out of his way to start an argument with me when I first joined this forum. And for simply inviting posters in the Als' forum to join the Larks Fantasy League (which in the one single post was more positive commentary about the Alouettes than you'd made in the previous ten years). So you can take your negativity and shove it.

What's wrong? Are you such a snowflake that you can't handle anyone disagreeing with your hallowed opinions in the Als' forum?


You're trolling now based on something that happened when you first joined the forum. Drop it and move on. That's my last warning to you on the subject.

When Johnny and I first met here, we did NOT get along, lol. And that's true for a few other posters on these boards. We all grow and change.

Like I say, I didn't bring Johnny's name into this thread! It was he who took a shot at me out of the blue.