New Mod Additions

Please welcome Billy_Soup, Ryooon and Cheif to the moderator panel. Some long time mods have disappeared for some time and bringing these extra posters on board will help your current moderators with the additional workload as the playoffs increase with intensity.

Nice! Good group of people. Hopefully this will help the craziness the boards have endured this last while.



Well, this is certainly some good news... which I needed when I woke up and found out the Argos were being pummeled! :lol:

Thanks guys! And congratulations to the other newcomers. :smiley:

When you woke up? The game started at 1

Hey! Mods gotta get up early and patrol the board!

Welcome aboard

I find it strange you put some people in those positions that call people names directly.

...if someone deserves to be called a name, well then they deserve it...

You're right, jackass... :stuck_out_tongue:

I call people names all the time

So its okay then.

I think it is ok in certain situations…

Congratulations to Billy , Chief and Ryooon. I have the greatest respect for all of them, and they will be good additions.

Good choices. :thup: :thup: :thup:

I wont be bugging you about merging attendance threads until next year! :roll: :roll:

Congrats to those three. Welcome to the least appreciated and most maligned group on the worldwide web. :wink:

Excellent choices!! Congrats to the new three! Honorable mention should go to Papa,Piggy and Sportsmen. If their interested,maybe next time.

....Sportsmen has had a standing invite for over two years but his retirement won't allow it...and hankthetank edged papa and piggy out for the bomber mod, based on good looks solely...

...isn't he so handsome?...

sigh...gets me every time...

Okay now I'am speechless!!!! Hank would be a good one also!!

A face only a mother could love.


Even then… :?